Notes from the March meeting of the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District, 20-03-2017

1.  Confirmation of Minutes

(a) To consider the confirmation and signing of the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 20th February 2017.

Minutes of the previous meeting: ‘Minutes 20.02.17 draft.pdf’

Confirmed and seconded.


Matters arising:

MDO said he has had no update from the Planning Department on Cllr D’Alton’s motion in relation to Marino Point.


(b)  To consider the confirmation and signing of the Minutes of the Special Meeting held on 13th February 2017

Minutes of the special meeting: ‘Minutes Special LAP meeting 13.02.17 draft.pdf’

Confirmed and seconded.


2.  Consideration of Reports and Recommendations

(a) Glenbrook to Raffeen Greenway – Part 8 Manager’s Report

‘Part 8 Manager’s Report 15 March 2017.pdf’
‘Appendix 1 Copy of Part 8 Planning Drawings.pdf’
‘Appendix 2 Copy of Public Notices.pdf’
‘Appendix 3 Notification to Statutory Consultees.pdf’
‘Appendix 4 Copy of Submissions Received.pdf’
‘Appendix 5 Copy of Statutory Submissions Received & Internal Reports.pdf’

MDO:  Although we had an in-committee meeting about this last week, the executive has decided that because there is no additional land available to the project, we’ll either proceed with the Part 8 or we won’t.  The Part 8 will be going to the next full council meeting for consideration.

Cllr McGrath:  We had a special meeting on this issue.  There are outstanding concerns that were expressed at that meeting.  Is disappointed they haven’t been addressed or responded to.   We have the Part 8 report.  It hasn’t changed in response to the points made by the members at that meeting.  If it goes to full Council, will be in real difficulty supporting it.  Understands there are serious constraints.  Understands all options have been exhausted.  Feels we’re rushing this at the very end.  Doesn’t feel issues members flagged were addressed.

Cllr D’Alton:  Would love to see greenways all around the harbour.  Is very anxious for this one to work.  Has several outstanding concerns expressed at last week’s meeting.  Consider this decision to be one of the most important since being elected.  Was so concerned that asked for people’s opinions through Facebook.  Post had over 6,600 views and some 60 comments.  Some of those comments were thank yous to the contributors but the overwhelming bulk of opinion seemed to be that the dangerous stretch of the road for cyclists is that between Murph’s and Raffeen Bridge.  While from Murph’s to the Cross River Ferry there isn’t the available width to provide adequate safety to either pedestrians or cyclists.  Ironically, it is that most dangerous stretch where the off-road greenway could be provided.  Sadly thinks that perhaps we would have done better to concentrate on the Murph’s – Heronswood stretch of the greenway, making that connectivity.  Very regretfully, will also have great difficulty in supporting it at the full Council meeting.

Cllr Jeffers:  Has reserverations.  Lots of elderly people use this walkway.  Has concerns that it would be promoted for families and that kids would be cycling so close to the road.  Issue for the anglers who bring money into Monkstown.  Will have reservations in supporting it.

Cllr Murphy:  Rushing through is the thing.  Thought we would be discussing it but we’re not.  The existing part of it should be sorted first before we talk about the rest.  We don’t even have a toilet in the town.

Cllr Collins:  Unlike the other speakers, is totally in support of this.  The walkway in Carrigaline is only 5.5 ft wide and there have been no incidents.  As Cllr D’Alton said, there are pinch points between Murphs and Raffeen Bridge.  It’s a question of safety but thinks we can get over those issues.  This is of huge economic spin off and benefit.  It will tie in with Heronswood.  If there is a piece left out, it will discourage people from using it.  It is important that we use it.

Cllr Harris says he has no opinion.

MDO:  There do appear to be issues with it; members say there are pinch points.  There are no alternatives.  You can’t provide extra width.  So ultimately it is a decision for the members as to whether they wish to have this proceed to Part 8 or not.  The issues have been brought up.  Technically there is no other way of dealing with this.  The width just isn’t there.  Every Part 8 has gone to full Council.  We don’t pass them at Municipal District.

Cllr Canty:  We know there are issues.  We have discussed them.  It is up to us on Monday; we may lose the funding if we don’t get pass the project.  Believes it is €3m of funding.  Are we going to let some other part of the county get that?  Got a phone call himself about it.  Knows there are people objecting.


(b)  Report on Taking in Charge of Estates from Planning Department

‘Categorisation of Estates not TIC for Municipal Districts rev a.pdf’

Proposed and seconded.


(c) Report on the proposal to Take In Charge roads and services in The Hedgerows, Sarsfield Road, Wilton.

‘The Hedgerows TIC layout.pdf’
‘Motion Request to TIC The Hedgerows.pdf’

Proposed and seconded.


(d)  Report on the proposal to Take In Charge roads and services in Millers Court (1-25) and Coopers Grange (9-12, 38-98 & 114-129), Ballincollig

‘TIC Layout Millers Court Coopers Grange.pdf’
‘Motion request to TIC Millers Court Coopers Grange.pdf’

Proposed and seconded.


3.  General Municipal Allocation 2017/Town Development Fund 2017

MDO handed around the list of proposed allocations under the various grant schemes: GMA

Confirmed that with the Rochestown Community Development group, we may be able to fund outside of this process.  But if we can’t, the group it will get a minimum of €1900 from the GMA.

Cllr Harris:  90% of Fr Matthews basketball club members are in the county.  It is a very big club and we should support them.  We supported Mayfield GAA Club before.

MDO:  Doesn’t believe we supported Mayfield GAA.  That is in the city.  We have this issue with Fr. Matthew’s every year.  The same issue applies to other groups too.

Cllr D’Alton:  With regard to our discussion earlier about not funding Douglas Tidy Town’s application to repair some of the publicly owned historic stone walls, has found the minutes of the meeting the Tidy Towns group had with the Area Office at which these stone walls were discussed.  Reads:
MH commented that the majority of these walls are privately owned and thus repairs are the responsibility of the owner. CCC have issued dangerous structure notices to some owners (e.g. Ballybrack House, who are putting a proposal together).  DTT can apply for a grant for restoration of public owned sectors (this will need to be costed) and should include this in our three year plan.  POS recommended starting with the wall approaching the Fingerpost”.
So the approach to use the Community Contract for advancing the repair to these walls was approved and advised.

MDO:  Has been talking to the Area Engineer and believes we can help with this project outside of this grant process.

Cllr D’Alton:  Am fine with that as long as the walls get done.

Cllr McGrath asks for clarification on the Carrigaline Men’s Shed allocation.

MDO:  Will have to come back here for discussion and decision if there’s any chance they will not be getting the €10k.  If we get clarity back and everything is fine, we’ll give them the €10k.  They are entitled to receive the €10k under every circumstance except getting 100% funding from their other funding source.

Grants passed as proposed.

Cllr D’Alton:  Want to put on record the concern I voiced at our earlier meeting.  Does not think that Community Contracts should be reserved solely for Tidy Towns groups.  It does not say in the grant guidelines that they are solely for Tidy Towns groups.  Accepts that the MDO says this is what they were originally designed for.  Tidy Towns groups need the cooperation of residents associations and other community groups to achieve what they do.  They don’t have the resources or manpower to do it all themselves.  Believes the Community Contracts should be open to all groups to apply for and the applications should be evaluated on a case by case basis to see how they contribute to the general Tidy Towns effort.

MDO says that the applications in question were not discussed with him in advance.

Cllr McGrath:  We agreed at our earlier meeting that all councillors should be invited to meet applicants for community contracts.  Supports Cllr D’Alton’s concern that we are not clear on who the applicants for Community Contracts should be.

Cllr Harris:  Agrees that we should evaluate the merits of these projects on a case by case basis.


Town Development Fund 2017:

MDO distributes the TDF allocations proposed: TDF

On the St Patrick’s Day parades, there was no contact from Carrigaline this year so the total amount is reallocated to €3,000 (1500 each to Douglas and Ballincollig).

The streetscape painting scheme is to be offered in Passage West and Douglas for 2017 and 2018.  The Director of Services wants to have a consistent scheme offered across all municipal districts.  The scheme ran in Carrigaline for the last two years and there was only one property came forward for painting there during that time but now Carrigaline Tidy Towns is coming back to ask if two or three properties could be included.  Carrigaline has been selected to enter for Ireland’s tidiest town competition.

Service delivery – it would be better if we could get an increase in the Area Office budget to cover this.

Environmental improvements: Since we allocated this, the approaches to towns money has been allocated and increased.  Should we leave it there until the AE considers the town approaches?

Public lighting – we continue to supplement this.

Signage – Douglas, Ballincollig and Carrigaline.

Festival lights – sometimes people don’t contact us by the time we’re having this meeting.  So we are putting in the usual allocation.

Twinning – not sure if there will be applications this year.  Last year there was one in Carrigaline and one in Ballincollig.

Music in Community – We gave €5k to this festival last year.  It is a one-day event held in the Regional Park.  We said last year that we mightn’t support them this year.  Would be better if big businesses in Ballincollig stepped up to the mark.

Public realm – pilot project somewhere?

Town and village renewal – previously approved for Passage West.

Balance unallocated of €12k.

Cllr Jeffers asks for clarification on the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

MDO:  All were running successful community parades when this fund was initiated.  It is to help them buy barriers, do a novelty event, etc.  Generally just to give support.

Cllr D’Alton asked about signage and numbers attending the Music in Community last year.  She had proposed that shop fronts be included in the TDF.  Was this included?

MDO:  Yes, under the painting scheme.  The Music in Community was disadvantaged by the weather last year.  The year before there were about 5,000 at it.

Cllr McGrath:  Wants to maintain the environmental improvement fund.  Supports that the buildings in Carrigaline would be included in the painting scheme.  If Tidy Towns is getting actively involved in that, we should support it.  We reserved some money for footpaths before.  Would like to see this again.

Cllr Harris:  We might consider the unallocated balance coming into the summer to provide toilet facilities in Myrtleville and Fountainstown?

MDO:  Myrtleville and Fountainstown are not in our municipal district.

Cllr Collins:  On signage – Cllr Forde talks about proliferation of postering and signage at the entrance to all our towns.  In terms of enforcing the laws as they stand, three of the ugliest buildings in Carrigaline are the subject of dereliction orders by the South Cork Manager.  It would be no harm if something were being done about this.  Signage on the way into towns needs to be addressed.

Cllr D’Alton:  Delighted that Carrigaline had the benefit of the painting scheme for the past two years.  Also delighted that it is moving on to Passage West because doesn’t think anybody can dispute that Passage West would benefit from the painting scheme.  When Passage West needs it so badly and Carrigaline has already had it for two years, doesn’t think it fair that funding for the scheme should be lessened for Passage West.

MDO:  Doesn’t believe the scheme will be oversubscribed.  Also believes there is extra money available towards combatting dereliction in Passage West that can be used for painting there.

Cllr O’Donnabhain:  Music in Community was a great event and it was unfortunate that the weather was against it last year.  Is conscious of concerns of spreading the budget around, however would like to see it supported again.

Cllr Canty:  In Ballincollig, Cork County Council was complimented for their contribution to the St Patrick’s Day festival.  Festival lights are the same.  They brighten up a town centre.  Knows a lot of work has gone into preparing the TDF distribution.  Are we going ahead with it?

In response to Cllr Collins, the MDO clarifies that the money that was allocated to the Carrigaline parade but not used has gone back into the pot.

In response to Cllr Harris, the MDO says we’re looking at invitations for public realm enhancements.

The TDF as outlined was proposed and seconded.


4.  Notices of Motion

Cllr D Forde:

  1. “That the Engineer has a tree surgeon check the safety of trees overhanging the main road and repair the gap in the fence at the car parking area in St. Joseph’s Terrace, Rockenham, Passage West.”
  2. “That this Municipal District considers the proliferation of ad hoc postering and how to tackle same in context of anti litter laws.”

Cllr Forde was not present so the motions were deferred..


Cllr S McGrath:

  1. “That the Engineer updates the Committee on plans to improve safety for pedestrians at the Supervalu Shopping Centre entrance, Carrigaline.”

Cllr McGrath:  Has spoken about this entrance to the shopping centre in Carrigaline before.  Has received contact from people with regard to safety concerns.  Knows the Council has been in touch with the owners.  Where is it at?

AE:  A proposal has been submitted by the owners.  We have approved what they are proposing and the ball is back in their court to implement it.  The pedestrian crossing will be relocated back into private property so it is not on the road edge and barriers will be erected to stop people from crossing at the corners.


  1. “That the Engineer confirms that the persistent flooding and ponding issue on the R610 at Bath Terrace will be resolved as part of the Lower Harbour Drainage Scheme.”

Cllr McGrath:  Has brought this issue up before too.  It was to have been dealt with as part of the Lower Harbour Drainage Scheme.  Wants to be sure that it will.  There was flooding again there recently.

AE:  Wouldn’t be as positive as you are sounding.  The proposal was discussed in detail with Irish Water at the time.  Irish Water won’t fund it because it is a surface water issue.  They have given us a price for incorporating it into the works they’ll be doing.  It is extremely expensive.  The roads area budget couldn’t cover it.  It will only in my view take place if extra funding can be found to cover that cost.  I haven’t spoken to Tim O’Herilhy on it in recent times so maybe Irish Water has had a change of heart or maybe there is funding coming from a different section I’m not aware of.  But we were given a price in the region of €50k and we can’t take that on.

Cllr McGrath:  Will dig out some emails on the issue.  This is a regional road.  The ponding needs to be resolved.


  1. “To request that the yellow box junction be refreshed at the entrance to the Library and Dunnes Stores, Carrigaline.”

AE:  Has no issue with this.


Cllr J Harris:

  1. “To request that the Council raise the kerb running along Inchvale Road to prevent cars from driving onto green.”

AE:  This isn’t really possible.  Knows you raised it under any other business at the last meeting.  You can’t raise the kerb as a stand alone item because you’ll create a trip hazard. You’ll create a green area that’s higher than the kerb so you’ll have to regrade the green area.  Unfortunately this costs a lot.  You also can’t have a kerb that is too high because it becomes a safety issue.  Appreciates the cars are causing damage to the green area.

Cllr Jeffers:  Accepts what the AE is saying.  We all know there is an issue with parking.  Have we ever tried to accommodate parking there or do residents want it?  Buses are pulling up to collect children.  Buses are struggling to pull into the school because of traffic coming out.

AE:  Very much aware that at school times there are huge issues that impact on the residents.  The residents do their very best with limited funds to maintain the greens in their areas.  That is negatively affected by traffic, primarily cars.  Traffic at school times is pulling up on the green.  I don’t know what the answer is.  You could look at taking a big skelp out of the green to accommodate parking.  Many residents there have a problem with speeding already.  If there was an easy answer it would have been done.

Cllr Harris:  Can we write to the school and ask them to let the parents know that they shouldn’t pull up on the grass?

It was agreed that we would do this.

Cllr Canty:  Same issue in Gaelscoil in Ballincollig.  The Board of Management bought signs and they put no parking signs up on the grass.


  1. “To request that the graffiti on the electricity box at the side entrance to St. Columbus School be removed.”

Cllr Harris spoke about the inappropriate graffiti on this electricity box.  Asks if the Council could clean it off.

Cllr Jeffers:  It does need to be cleaned but perhaps we could write to the ESB?  Reimagine Cork is doing wonderful street art.  Could we write to the ESB and ask that they themselves take on a proactive programme?

AE:  This isn’t council property and we have the same issue.  We have stepped in in the past.  We will write and request that they sort it out.  If they don’t respond, we’ll look after it ourselves.  But it is their responsibility.


  1. “To request a report from TULSA and the HSE on how many child psychologists they have working in the Cork area and why is there a six months waiting list for teens between 12 and 16 to see a psychologist in view of the suicide crisis.”

Cllr Harris:  Looking to either get the MD support for this or to send it on to Full Council as a motion from the MD.

Cllr Desmond:  Supports the thinking behind it.  We’re looking at access to 0.25 of a psychologist since December.  This is a national crisis.  It is an issue that CAHMS are having right across the country.  We’ve had so many tragic deaths in the Cork area that we’re especially aware of it.  It’s not for want of trying on the part of those within the service.  Recruitment is a huge issue.  The HSE needs to be looking at their forward planning and recruitment.

We’ll write directly to Tusla but will check if we have to go to full Council.

Cllr Harris:  There is a huge staff in Tusla.  They seem to spend a huge amount of time spending red herrings around the country while children with OCD can’t get to see psychologists.  We need to start questioning and find out what the staffing levels in the HSE and Tusla are and what/why we can’t get a couple of psychologists allocated to CAHMS in Mahon.


Cllr M D’Alton

  1.  “That Cork County Council would take all steps necessary to reopen the tunnel in Passage West built to serve the Cork Blackrock & Passage Railway such that it would serve as an integral element of and tourist attraction on the planned Greenway between Cork City and Crosshaven.”

Cllr D’Alton:  The streets of Passage West are narrow and this caused as much of a problem to the extension of the CB&PR from its original terminus opposite what is now the Tavern bar through the town, on to Monkstown and beyond.  Although when the extension to the railway was first mooted in 1897 there weren’t as many cars are there are today, the streets were not adequately wide to carry a rail track.  And so the track extension negotiated the centre block and ran in a tunnel from Passage West town centre right down to Glenbrook.  This tunnel was the only one of its kind on any narrow gauge track in Ireland.  The first 50 metres at the Passage West end was built by a process of “cut and cover”.  This meant that a trench was cut, an arch was built over it and the arch was then covered with excavated material.  A large shaft was built to permit the release of smoke and steam.  At the Glenbrook end, construction of the tunnel involved blasting through solid rock.  Cavities some 2 metres high and 1 metre long were incorporated along the tunnel length so that anyone trapped inside could escape the path of an oncoming train.  The extension of the railway to Carrigaline was ready in June 1903 and on 1st June 1904, the entire Cork to Crosshaven railway was officially opened.

Much of the old CB&PR line between Crosshaven and Blackrock is being converted into a greenway.  The streets of Passage West are still narrow, still difficult to navigate but the tunnel still stands and could perform as well as part of the greenway as it did for the railway.  It is 450 metres long.  The tunnel walls are splayed, measuring 3.6 metres at the base level and 4.3 m at the junction with the barrel vaulted ceiling.  As part of the recent development on the Beach Road, a structural survey of the tunnel was undertaken.  It confirmed that it is excellent condition.

It is not unusual to use tunnels on greenways.  The Ballyvoyle tunnel is on the Deise greenway, Co. Waterford.  It has been resurfaced, is currently having lighting installed and is already being advertised as one of the greenway’s principal attractions.

Although the Passage West tunnel is very much longer than the Ballyvoyle tunnel, it is very much shorter than the Coombe Down Tunnel in the UK.  This is 1.7 km long and both it and the nearby Devonshire Tunnel were opened in 2013 as part of the 21km circular cycle route around Bath which incorporates the line of the former Somerset and Dorset Railway.  The Coombe Down tunnel is both the UK’s and Europe’s longest cycling and walking tunnel.

A campaign is now underway to get the nearby 2.3 km Queensbury Tunnel opened.

There are many tunnels on cycling routes in Australia.  One on the 134 km Great Victorian Rail Trail is 201 metres long and was built in 1889.  The 181 metre Fernleigh Tunnel is regarded as the highlight of the Fernleigh Trail, developed in 2011.

In the United States, tunnels are regarded as being the heart of a rail trail because they make bicycle and pedestrian networks equitable.  They are generally flat and direct and so they are easy for everyone.  A study undertaken on 78 tunnels on greenways in the States has found that, contrary to what one might think, they do not impose undue safety or financial burdens on local communities and that they are in fact quite safe.  On the contrary, with attention to design and management, they become tremendous community assets that encourage and safely accommodate greater trail use.  Trail tunnels are found in 20 states throughout the US and some routes have more than one tunnel.  They come in all shapes and sizes, varying from 100 ft to 2.3 miles in length.

We have this equivalent resource sitting on our doorstep.  And so I ask that Cork County Council would take all steps necessary to reopen the tunnel in Passage West so that it could become an integral element of the planned greenway and a tourist attraction in its own right..

Cllr Murphy:  Supports.  Who blocked it off first day?

Cllr McGrath:  We are all familiar with this issue from the Town Council.  It is unfortunate to see it in the position that it is in.  We need to establish a cost estimate.  Probably would want to be part of national funding.  Supports endeavours to look at the feasibility of that.

MDO:  Hadn’t been aware of the tunnel until a couple of years ago.  Who has ownership at the ends?  If it’s privately owned we’re in trouble because there is no CPOs for greenways.

Cllr Canty:  Lovely concept.  Pity you didn’t bring this up during the greenway discussion earlier.

Cllr D’Alton:  It wasn’t relevant.  It is not within the project remit.  The tunnel was blocked up with the approval of Cork County Council when the adjacent housing development was being built.  Both ends are privately owned.   Knows we do permissive access rather than CPOs for greenways but Kerry County Council is doing CPOs for their greenways, so it’s not that it’s not possible.

All supported and said the concept would be passed on to the Director of Services, Planning.


  1.  “That a pedestrian gate would be installed on the wooden bridge connecting Monkstown Park to the Glen Road to increase the safety of young children.”

Cllr D’Alton:  There is a playground in Monkstown Park.  A river runs down along the edge of the park.  A little wooden bridge connects the park to the Glen road.  There is no footpath.  First asked in 2004 for a gate to be put on this bridge.  A spring-loaded gate, a kissing gate, anything that would stop small children from bolting out onto the road.  It was never put on. Now fourteen years later a new playground has been installed.  This one has a railing around it with a swinging gate.  A couple of Saturdays ago, I was in the playground.  A little boy of no more than 3 pulled the playground gate open, raced across the bridge and out onto the road.  I was the closest to him and raced after him.  He was out in the middle of the road and quite a way up before I got to him.  His mum followed me and once I had stopped him, brought him back into the park.  We need that gate.  Had there been a car coming, that child would have been killed.  Even a wooden gate would do.  Something that causes a child to pause if they’re running out of the park.

AE:  We can look at it.  One of our concerns is injury to children arising from gates.  We have had so many incidents over the years.

Cllr D’Alton:  Knows that is true and this was the reason it wasn’t done 14 years ago.  But it badly needs to be done so would appreciate if it could be looked at.


  1.  “This Municipal District requests a review of the safety of the Castlewhite Road/N71 junction with particular regard to access and ingress at peak times given current traffic volumes.”

Cllr D’Alton:  The nearest traffic counter to this junction is at Halfway.  It indicates that over 18,500 cars per day pass this junction, with up to 2,000 cars per hour.  The trouble is they’re in a 100 kph speed limit.  For cars coming out of Castlewhite, turning towards the city, there no feeder lane.  Turning towards West Cork, they have to cross a lane of high speed city-bound traffic.  For cars turning into Castlewhite and coming from West Cork direction, there is no feeder lane.  Speeds are incredible.  There seems to be enough room to give a feeder lane both to cars turning in and to cars coming out.  Cant’ understand why it wasn’t done.  Maybe I am missing something so could we please ask TII to look at this.

Cllr McGrath:  Supports.  We’ve raised this a couple of times.  It has never been resolved.  It is very unsafe.  A safety audit or something needs to be done.

Cllr Canty supports too.  There was a bad accident there a couple of weeks ago where a car was tipped onto its roof where two lanes come into one.  They do come down there at fierce speed.

We will write to the TII.

Cllr Harris: Asks if we can look into the flooding on the L2226.


5.  Votes of Congratulations

Cllr O’Donnabhain:  Vote of congratulations for the committee involved in the Paddy’s Day Parade in Ballincollig.  Cllr Canty would like to be associated with that.

Cllr Canty:  Congratulations to Belvedere Hockey Club and to Colaiste Colm on recent wins.


6.  Any other business

Cllr Murphy:  There is a big concern in Passage West on Friday night if any of the councillors would like to come.  Can we express condolences at the MD meeting.

MDO:  No.  Full Council only.

Cllr Desmond:  Huge amount of surface water at the Tesco/Topaz junction.  The shores don’t seem to be blocked – it seems to be running off the footpaths.

AE:  There are a few different things causing that.  A gully was blocked when the junction was changed and widened.  There has been a lot of road damage and the water is not getting away.  There was work done on Paddy’s Night to address the damage issues there.

Cllr O’Donnabhain:  Circus posters – saw these posters being put up.  Took the registration number of the car.  Should constitute an act of litter.

MDO:  Courtney’s Daredevil Circus is advertising at the moment.  The posters are for this.  There are a number of circuses registered at the one address but this one isn’t one of them.  There is an issue in relation to trading without having a registered legal name.  He is also to try to facilitate that they put stickers on telecom boxes, etc.  Contact has been made with Eircom that they haven’t given anybody permission to do this.  We can’t deliver a ticket to a legal entity that isn’t a legal entity.

Cllr McGrath:  Can we refer some dumping blackspots to the waste enforcement section?  The areas in question are Ballea Bridge in Carrigaline and between the Shanbally grotto and the old road.  Can we contact the waste enforcement section as a MD?  We can’t expect the area office to clean up repeatedly.


Cllr Harris:  Asks that the AE would follow up on the L2226 road.  Believes the complainant may already have made contact with Don O’Sullivan.

Cllr D’Alton:  Did the AE receive the vehicle counts for the Ringaskiddy pedestrian crossing?

AE:  Forwarded the vehicle counts from the RDO to us by email today.

Cllr D’Alton:  Thanks.  Hadn’t seen.  Did a traffic and pedestrian count myself last Monday afternoon which indicated that PV2 was just over the 100×106 required by the NRA guidelines for a controlled crossing.

AE suggests that Cllr D’Alton contact the RDO herself and talk about this with Finola O’Riordan.

Cllr D’Alton:  Was there any response from TII on our opinion in relation to the proposed speed change at the Bloomfield Interchange?

AE:  Gave the members views.  TII will be coming back to full Council with their proposals.  Doesn’t know if they will be revising that speed change recommendation.

Cllr D’Alton asks comments on gravel in the middle of the road at the Tesco junction and wonders if that is from the flooding Cllr Desmond referred to.

AE:  This was as a result of a temporary reinstatement.  Hopes it has been repaired by now.  If the gravel is still there, it just needs to be brushed off.

Cllr D’Alton:  Received a message of concern about the loose stones by children’s playground in Passage West.  The message says that while these stones
may have looked decorative on paper, the reality is that young kids are delighted to be able to kick loose stone around, it’s a game to them.  However, the loose stone is now scattered all over the sponge safety flooring inside the playground.  My youngest fell, as kids do running around but she was left with a nasty cut on her knee as a piece of this sharp stone embedded in her little knee.  Two other mothers came to assist me in cleaning her up and told me that their children had received bad cuts to their hands and knees falling on the stone.  I have called the Council offices a number of times.  Been transferred from department to department.  Left a number of voicemail and finally got to speak to a lovely man (I think his name is Kevin) who sounded concerned over the phone and said he would get something done but months later and the problem is still there.  Not only is it a safety concern but it also makes the park very untidy and messy looking, undoing the hard work that was originally done to improve the area.  I’m exhausted already at the thought of having to ring the offices again.
We all know these stones are an issue.  Another child fell on them and suffered concussion.  When are we going to get them replaced with a safer surface?

AE:  A contractor has been engaged to remove the stone and replace it with an appropriate surface.  Had hoped it would have been done by now.  Will contact him and see when he can start.

Cllr D’Alton thanks and asks that she might be told the date so that she can convey it to the lady who sent the message.

Cllr Canty:  Bin collections are damaging kerbstones on the corners.  We have written to them.

The AE has sent on the areas we intend to surface dress this year.

The municipal grant allocations will be put on the Council website.