Further information request from An Bord Pleanála to Indaver in respect of its planning application for Ringaskiddy

An Bord Pleanála has issued a request for further information in respect of its proposed incinerator development at Ringaskiddy as follows:  FI request from ABP, 20-03-2017

I got advance notice that this further information request was going to issue yesterday and received a copy of it today.  How inutterably tragic that last week’s events with the loss of the Coastguard’s helicopter and four very precious lives should inadvertently superimpose themselves alongside the potential impact of Indaver’s proposed incinerator at Ringaskiddy. We do not yet know what happened in Blacksod Bay last week. But what we do know is that we need to make every effort that we humanely can to protect the air services of the Navy and the Coastguard. The reason for their existence is to serve society and the state. Our responsibility must be to do everything we can to safeguard those who devote their lives to that service.

During the oral hearing last year, experienced members of the Irish Air Corps expressed their genuine concern that the plume from Indaver’s proposed incinerator would impact on flight paths around Haulbowline Island. Haulbowline Island is the heart of that societal service. Frankly, any attempt on the part of Indaver to fob off, excuse or wriggle around the potential impact of their proposed incinerator on Haulbowline would be merely yet one more reflection of the ethical, financial and emotional disregard with which society around Cork Harbour has been treated by having to fight their repeated planning applications over the past 16 years