My motions to full Council

My motion to full Council, 26th September 2016
“That in building new playgrounds or regenerating existing playgrounds, Cork County Council would introduce a policy of application of the Principles of Universal Design by installing a range of equipment which can be used by both able and less able bodied children alike.  In addition, that towards achieving universal design, Cork County Council would begin a programme of retrofitting all existing playgrounds in its jurisdictional area with at least one item of play equipment specifically designed for inclusivity of all.”

Introduction to my motion to Full Council on Vernon Mount, 12th July 2016
“That Cork County Council would identify 

  • the details of notices served under Section 59 of the Planning & Development Act 2000 on the owners of Vernon Mount since 1997, 
  • the dates on which such notices were served, 
  • any works undertaken by the owners in response to those notices

and that Cork County Council would pursue the owners of Vernon Mount (No. 00480 in the Record of Protected Structures) for prosecution under Section 58 of the Local Government (Planning & Development) Act 2000.”

Introduction to my motion to Full Council on Recreation and Amenity, 25th July 2016
“That the current reorganisation of the Directorate structures of Cork County Council would include a section dedicated to Recreation and Amenity, the functions of which would include development of a Recreation and Amenity Strategy for the County, co-ordination of Recreation and Amenity developments throughout the Municipal Districts and development of the proposed network of cycling infrastructure throughout County Cork.  Easily accessible Recreation and Amenity opportunities are critical for healthy communities and provision of same is a local authority function which is almost always welcome.”

My motion to full Council on ASD units in secondary schools (27th June 2016)
“That Cork County Council acknowledges the ongoing shortage of places in special education classes for students with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis at secondary level.

That if the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) identifies a need for additional special education classes at either primary or secondary level in a defined geographical area, the Department of Education and Skills would require schools in the geographical area to respond to this identified need by establishing an adequate number of such special education classes to match that need.  

That the necessary funding for both the set-up and running of these special education classes would be provided by the Department.  

That this need is not unique to Cork and consequently that this motion is circulated to all other local authorities in Ireland for their consideration and support.”

My motion to Full Council on air quality monitoring in Cork Harbour
“That the Environmental Protection Agency would set up a permanent air quality monitoring station at a representative location in Cork Harbour.  That this air quality monitoring station would be capable of measuring concentrations of all the parameters for which limit values in ambient air have been set by Directive 2008/50/EC, including particulate matter.  Cork Harbour is one of the most important industrial areas in Ireland, significant at a worldwide level within the pharmaceutical industry and a major port.  Although Cork Harbour and its immediate environs is home to 44,000 people and an employment hub for over 10,000 people, there is currently no ambient air monitoring in Cork Harbour.”

My motion to full Council on the Strategic Infrastructure Act, 14th December 2015
“That a planning application to An Bord Pleanala made under the Strategic Infrastructure Act can be made no more than twice for the same nature of project on the same site.”

My motion on the responsibility of the State for the quality of new construction, 12th October 2015
That the State would acknowledge its responsibility to people who in attempting to buy their own homes, now find themselves with hazardous properties not constructed in compliance with the building regulations.

And that Cork County Council asks the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government to move away from the current system of self-regulation in the design and construction of buildings and to replace it with an independent Approved Inspector system similar to that operating in the UK.”

My motion on Roadside Trading to full Council meeting, 14th September 2015
“That Cork County Council would encourage all roadside traders to observe the requirements of SI 191 of 2004 with regard to the selling of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, blackberries, loganberries, tayberries, currants and new potatoes during May to September inclusive.  Equally, that Cork County Council would encourage the selling of a greater range of fruit and vegetable produce than those specified in the Regulations in designated market areas and in accordance with a Casual Trading Licence.  All opportunities for genuine growers to maximise the sale of their produce are welcome insofar as they do not place rate-paying shopkeepers at unfair disadvantage.”

My Notice of Motion to a meeting of full Council, 13 July 2015
Motion: That State job activation measures should be available to all who are unemployed, not only to those on the Live Register. That if passed, this motion would be circulated to all local authorities in the country.

My introduction to my motion on dog fouling
“To request a report detailing Cork County Council’s current policy on dog fouling.  To include:

(i)  the facilities Cork County Council provides to support the responsible management of dog waste
(ii)  the practical and financial supports Cork County Council currently offers to assist communities in keeping streets free of dog waste
(iii)  the public awareness measures undertaken by Cork County Council highlighting the health risks associated with dog waste
(iv)  The number of on-the-spot fines issued for dog fouling in 2014.”

Introduction to my motion to the meeting of Cork County Council, 28th October 2014
That Irish Water would:

  1. produce a protocol for the taking in charge of water/wastewater infrastructure within residential estates
  2. set targets by which the taking in charge of water/wastewater infrastructure within residential estates would be completed
  3. not exclude residential estates with pumping stations/wastewater treatment plants from inclusion in those targets.

Should Irish Water not address this issue, Cork County Council cannot advance the taking in charge of residential estates throughout Cork County.”

My motion on traffic calming in residential estates, 22nd September, 2014
“That in existing residential estates in which speed ramps have not been provided during the course of construction, should a majority of residents desire speed ramps and fund-raise a percentage of the cost of their installation, this County Council would provide support:
(i) financially, by contributing matching funding towards the cost of installing the speed ramps and
(ii) organisationally, by assisting residents in overcoming the planning requirements to permit installation of the speed ramps.”

Independent Councillor in the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District of County Cork