Upgrade to the N40 off-ramp/South Douglas Road junction


Cork County Council intends to commence the Part 8 Planning process for the junction upgrade and signalization of the South Douglas Road / N40 Douglas West off ramp / Willow Park estate road junction.

The Douglas Land Use and Transportation Study (DLUTS) recommended measures across the Douglas area to improve travel conditions for vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.

One of the measures proposed is the installation of a signalized junction to replace the existing roundabout at the South Douglas Road/N40 off ramp West Douglas.


The works will involve:

  • Removal of the existing roundabout
  • Installation of traffic signals on four approach roads
  • Revised layout of road into Willow Park and Gaelscoil Na Doughlaise, incorporating possible signsalisation.
  • Revised layout of lanes and the end of N40 off ramp
  • Extension of footpaths and construction of a traffic island
  • Coordination with signals at West Douglas/N40 On Ramp and also Douglas East junctions


Benefits of the proposed scheme

  • Roundabout removed and replaced with signalised junction
  • Better distribution of time for all traffic at junction
  • Safer access to schools for pupils and parents
  • Much-improved pedestrian facilities
  • Bus detection enabling improved journey times
  • Linking of two traffic signalized junctions at Douglas West with junctions at Douglas East
  • Performance example: No blocking back onto the N40
  • Performance example: Improved journey times for buses on South Douglas Road


Submissions and observations with respect to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development will be situated, may be made in writing to Senior Engineer, Cork County Council, Traffic and Transportation, Floor 10, County Hall, Cork, on or before Friday 6th April 2018.


A Section 85 agreement has been drawn up and agreed with Cork City Council.


Associated documentation including site notice, location map and preliminary design drawing are at the links below:

Part 8 Site Notice Upgrade and Signalisation of South Douglas Road Roundabout

Location Map

Prelim Drawing