My motions to Municipal District Committee

April 2019

“That Irish Water would attend a meeting of the elected members of this Municipal District without delay to provide a comprehensive update on the estuary crossing element of the Lower Harbour Main Drainage project for which the contract has been recently awarded.”

“That after the boundary extension, that section of the greenway from Hop Island to Passage West along the former Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway line would continue to be managed by Cork County Council.”

Report from executive: Report on Notice of Motion Re Greenway 15-4-19

“That Marmullane Park, Passage West would be included in the Area Office grass cutting schedule so that its frequency of cutting would be similar to other public open spaces in Passage West.”

Area Engineer says this will be done.


March 2019

“That Cork County Council would outline any mechanism of compensation that may be relevant and useful for people who have experienced and continue to experience excessive damage and wear to cars as a result of the damage incurred on roads in the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District arising from the ongoing Lower Harbour Drainage System works.”

“That Cork County Council would arrange with Irish Water for removal of the newly introduced “No Parking” area on the southern side of the entrance to the Carr’s Hill reservoir as it is the only area of parking available for those visiting the Famine Cemetery.”


February 2019

“That representatives of the Port of Cork would meet with the members of this Municipal District to discuss with them their plans for Marino Point.”
(With Cllr Seamus McGrath)

Report from executive: Cllr D’Alton & McGrath Marino Point

“That this Municipal District would revisit repaving/relandscaping in Fr. O’Flynn Park, Passage West, subsequent to several years of Irish Water works.”

Report from executive: Cllr D’Alton Fr O’ Flynn Park.

“That the capping on the block wall of St. Mary’s Cemetery, Passage West, would be addressed with a view to making it secure, watertight and vandal-proof.”


November 2018

“That the Committee would be provided with a report on the use of the Village Enhancement Scheme in the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District in 2017 and 2018 to include an update on the proposals for Gobby Beach, Ringaskiddy under this initiative.”

Report: ‘Cllr D’Alton – Village Enhancement

“That in the retrofitting of energy-saving LEDs, street lights along the R610 through the centre of Monkstown village would have their heads replaced (and columns also if budgets allow) with a design appropriate to heritage and enhancing the village core.”

“That the Committee would be provided with a report on the results of the recent survey undertaken on all Council-maintained playgrounds in the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District.  This report will include the rating of each playground, multi-use games area, skate park and tone zone for the following factors (as per the Council survey):

    • Location factors
    • Accessibility factors
    • Environmental factors
    • Physical play opportunities present
    • Creative play opportunities present
    • Inclusive play
    • Social play.”

Report: ‘Cllr D’Alton – Playgrounds


October 2018

“That a road safety audit would be conducted on the N71/L226 (Castlewhite) junction by Cork County Council or TII as appropriate.”

“That two speed ramps would be installed on the northern end of Beach Road, Passage West.”

“That, mindful of the current finalisation of the Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy, the Committee of this Municipal District would write to the National Transport Authority reiterating the urgent need for provision of a bus connection between Passage West and the Carrigaline Primary Care Centre.”


September 2018

“That this Municipal District would consider funding a Vacant Premises Enhancement Scheme similar to that supported by Meath County Council.”

“That the Planning Office of Cork County Council would provide details of any proposals pertaining to sites in this Municipal District which are being prepared for submission under the Urban Regeneration & Development Fund 2018.”

“That although the contract for the Lower Harbour Drainage Scheme requires reinstatement to “as was” condition, Cork County Council would be open to considering certain changes made to facilitate installation of the scheme to remain in situ. Particular examples include the now wider entrance to Toureen car park, Passage West and the wider entrance to the new slipway, Monkstown.”


June 2018

“That a report would issue to the Municipal District Committee demonstrating the maintenance work undertaken in each of the cemeteries of the Municipal District, particularly during the growing season and to include in each case whether those works are undertaken by a cemetery caretaker, by the County Council road maintenance team or by contractor.”

Report from executive: Cemetry maintenance

“That the Centre Block in Passage West and the roads leading to and from it would be re-examined with a view to identifying locations where controlled and uncontrolled facilities might be installed as appropriate to provide improved ease and safety of crossing for pedestrians.”

“That  proper management of pontoons and other Council-owned berthing facilities would benefit from bye-laws and that this Municipal District would recommend same to full Council.”


April 2018

“That this Municipal District Committee would submit an observation to An Bord Pleanála in support of Aldi’s planning application for the former Eurospar supermarket, Passage West on the grounds that:

  • The proposed delivery of the Aldi service into an existing supermarket building is very badly needed in Passage West.
  • Passage West is a satellite town with notably poor retail offerings for its resident population.
  • The grounds on which the appeal has been taken have been proven to be not relevant as Eurospar formerly operated out of this building for many years.
  • The provision of supermarket-sized convenience retail within Passage West would alleviate the need for residents to travel to meet their shopping needs and would consequently reduce traffic congestion to and in the adjacent settlements of Douglas and Carrigaline.”

“That Cork County Council would install a pelican crossing at the current uncontrolled crossing location outside St. Peter’s Community School, Passage West.”


March 2018

“That Cork County Council would provide traffic calming along the R610 through Monkstown village, possibly by gate treatment or similar which would enhance the settlement of the village.”

“That Cork County Council would outline current policy with regard to storage of domestic and commercial litterbins and whether there are any restrictions associated with on-street storage.”

Report from executive: Response to D’Alton re storage of litterbins

“That Cork County Council would commit a portion of the General Municipal Allocation to cleaning/edging of the greenway between Passage West and Hop Island.”


February 2018

“That Bus Eireann would provide two bus shelters to serve the Lehenaghbeg community, one at the bus stop opposite the Texaco garage and the second on Matthew Hill.”

“That Cork County Council would install a controlled pedestrian crossing on the table-top ramp on Church Road between the Douglas Village Shopping Centre and the Douglas Community Park.”

Report from executive: Cllr D’Alton Church Road crossing

“That a noise barrier would be provided on the southern side of the N40 flyover as it crosses Douglas village.  A noise barrier is already in place on the northern side to provide mitigation for residents of the Main Douglas Road and Well Road.”

Report from executive: Cllr D’Alton N40 Noise barrier


January 2018

” That the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District Committee would write to the National Transport Authority requesting that Passage West and the HSE’s new Primary Care Centre on the Crosshaven Road would be connected by a regular bus route through Carrigaline town centre. That a copy of this letter would be sent to Martin Walsh, Regional Manager, Bus Éireann.”

” That the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District would write to the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government and all other relevant decision-influencers requesting that the new City-County boundary would be aligned such that the Greenway from Hop Island to Passage West would remain within Cork County.  This Greenway is recognised as being of critical importance to the future of Passage West town and an asset which can be best realised if it and the town are managed under one authority.”

“That the litterbins throughout Passage West town centre which are in poor condition would be replaced.”


December 2017

“That the Municipal District office would provide a report identifying entries on the Derelict Sites List, their location, their length of time on the list and levies paid on them to date under the Derelict Sites Act.”

Response from Executive: Response to D’Alton 1

“In view of recent anti-social behaviour in some public playgrounds, that all Garda stations in the Municipal District, including the Togher District station, would be circulated with the Playground Bye-Laws 2014 and that Gardai would be asked to enforce the bye-laws.”

Response from Executive: Response to D’Alton 2

“That the double yellow lines at the entrance to Bromley Park, Donnybrook Hill, would be extended up to the first junction to deter commuter parking.”

Response from Executive: Response to D’Alton 3


October 2017

“That the footpath outside Dock Cottages would be made safe and accessible for the special needs of the residents of Dock Cottages.”

“That Cork County Council would identify a timescale for either reinstallation or replacement of the table tennis tables which were removed from Marmullane Park, Passage West.”

“That Cork County Council would regard speed control on Maryborough Hill as a priority and would install a safe crossing on Maryborough Hill between Broadale and Maryborough Ridge


September 2017

“In view of the ongoing shortage of frontline garda resources resulting in a reduction in garda patrols and stations being unable to open in the highly populated residential areas of Douglas, Carrigaline, Passage West and Togher, the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District will write to the Garda Commissioner to request that the Togher Garda District would receive the highest priority in the distribution of new garda recruits.”

“That deteriorated and damaged footpaths in Grange Heights would be prioritised for repair and/or replacement as appropriate.”

“That this Municipal District would avail of the opportunity offered by Irish Water’s works in the Owenabue car park, Carrigaline to undertake enhancement of how the car park, river and main street interact at this pivotal location in the town centre.”


July 2017

“That Cork County Council would investigate the feasibility of laying a footpath on Upper Fairy Hill, Monkstown from the top of Carrigmahon Hill to The Orchards.”

“That an additional light would be installed close to the Monastery Road/Judge’s Lane junction to increase safety at this dangerous bend.”

“That this Municipal District would provide a full update on the Town and Village Renewal funding awarded to Passage West last year for the production of an Urban Renewal Plan”

Response from Executive: ‘Cllr D’Alton T&V Passage West.pdf’


June 2017

“That this Municipal District would consider Passage West and Monkstown as two separate settlements so that Monkstown might benefit from funding for villages.”

Response from Executive: 171906 Cllr D’Alton Monkstown funding

“That the Municipal District would undertake a review of the adequacy of car parking at both Hop Island and Harty’s Quay to safely serve the needs of users of the Greenway along the former railway line.”

“That the Area Office would provide an overview of its intentions for weed control along kerbs and footpaths in the Municipal District.”


April 2017

“That Cork County Council would purchase the properties on Railway Street, Passage West currently advertised by NAMA as being for sale.  This would offer the County Council unparalleled opportunity to rehabilitate the ongoing dereliction in the Steampacket Quay area of Passage West town centre and enhance the town’s waterside frontage.”

“That Dock Terrace, Passage West, would be entered on the Derelict Sites register.  If Dock Terrace has already been entered on the Derelict Sites register, that the Municipal District Office would outline the penalties incurred for same by the registered property owner.”


March 2017

“That Cork County Council would take all steps necessary to reopen the tunnel in Passage West built to serve the Cork Blackrock & Passage Railway such that it would serve as an integral element of and tourist attraction on the planned Greenway between Cork City and Crosshaven.”

“That a pedestrian gate would be installed on the wooden bridge connecting Monkstown Park to the Glen Road to increase the safety of young children.”

“This Municipal District requests a review of the safety of the Castlewhite Road/N71 junction with particular regard to access and ingress at peak times given current traffic volumes.”


February 2017

“That this Municipal District would write to the IDA in support of the desire of the residents of Ringaskiddy to apply for inclusion of the Ringaskiddy Martello Tower in the Heritage Council’s Adopt A Monument Scheme 2017.”

Response from Executive: Response NOM 1 Cllr. D’Alton

“That TII would install a controlled pedestrian crossing at the uncontrolled crossing on the N28 adjacent to the Ringaskiddy playground and that, in support of this, TII would present the updated traffic/pedestrian survey it committed to undertaking subsequent to my motion of 19th October 2015.”

Response from Executive: Response NOM 2 Cllr. D’Alton

“That ladders would be installed on the quay wall in Passage West between the Passage West Rowing Club slipway and the slipway at The Stage.”


January 2017

“To clarify whether public lighting will be provided along the R610/Strand Road as far as The Pucks/Murphs as part of the proposed Greenway project and that, if not, Cork County Council would add the unlit section of this stretch of road to its public lighting programme.”


December 2016

“That mindful of the proximity of the former IFI plant at Marino Point to Passage West, the eyesore that currently is the derelict former IFI plant from the town of Passage West and the conditions attached to the grant of planning for the fertiliser factory in 1974 that Cork County Council would outline:

  • whether the former IFI factory is on the derelict sites list and if not, why not
  • whether the bond agreed between NET and Cork County Council in February 1976 will be used to remove all redundant or obsolete structures and infrastructure on the former IFI site and, if not
  • whether Cork County Council will require the liquidator responsible for the site to remove all redundant or obsolete structures and infrastructure on the former IFI site and, if not
  • whether Cork County Council would require any future purchaser of the former IFI site to remove all redundant or obsolete structures and infrastructure on the site before any future development takes place.”


“That Cork County Council would investigate the feasibility of making a continuous footpath on Church Hill connecting the existing footpath beyond Bloomingdale to the footpath at the bottom of Avondale.  This would allow children living west of the Maulbaun junction to walk to school in safety.”


“Haulbowline Island has had a long and intimate relationship with Ringaskiddy.  It is accessible by land only from the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District.  The former primary school on Haulbowline Island amalgamated with the primary school in Ringaskiddy to form the Ringaskiddy Lower Harbour National School.  The navy based on Haulbowline Island has an intimate relationship with the National Maritime College at Ringaskiddy.  The proposed new amenity area to replace previous public access to port lands at Ringaskiddy is at Paddy’s Point, merely 200 metres from Rocky Island.  In the light of this historical and current relationship, that the Planning Policy Unit of Cork County Council would explain why Haulbowline and Rocky Islands are considered to be part of the Cobh Municipal District rather than part of the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District.”

Response from Executive to all motions: Response to all motions, 19-12-2016


November 2016

“That public lighting would be installed on the footpath along the L2545 (Ringaskiddy to Gobby Beach) to light the remaining unlit section.”

“That the road surface of the hill descending from the primary and secondary schools at Barr an Bhaile, Passage West would be addressed as soon as possible.”

“That in light of the recent Cork County Council budget, this Municipal District would outline the slip maintenance budget available to Ballincollig-Carrigaline in 2017 and the proposed slip maintenance schedule.”


October 2016

“That, cognisant of the damaging noise and air pollution associated with heavily trafficked motorways, the National Roads Design Office/Transport Infrastructure Ireland would consider an entirely alternative route for the new M28 which would avoid its being led through built up residential areas.”

“That the road surface in Maryborough Court would be addressed as soon as possible.”


September 2016

“That the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District would ask Full Council to support its request for a detailed status update on the taking in charge of Pembroke Wood, Passage West, identification of the procedural steps to be taken from this point forward to achieve the taking in charge and timelines for same.”

“That the horizontal quayside railings on Railway Quay, Passage West would be upgraded so as to provide greater protection to children from falling into the water.”

“That a design brief for developers would be prepared for Douglas to provide guidance on public realm finishes, street furniture, signage and lighting.  Preparation of such a design brief is proposed by the Douglas Land Use and Transportation Study.”


July 2016

“That the Members of the Municipal District would be given an update on progression of the design for the upgrade of Coach Hill.”

“That this Municipal District would fund the production of a map of Passage West Historic Town similar to that which Cork County Council has produced for Kinsale and is currently producing for several other towns in the county.”

“That this Council would investigate or report on any recent investigations of what appears to be leachate flowing from the former Raffeen Landfill Site (now the Raffeen Civic Amenity Site) into the Cork Harbour SPA at Monkstown Creek.”


June 2016

“That in light of health and safety concerns and ease of access to the water, Cork County Council would install a new handrail on the steps from the Sandquay in Monkstown that lead down to the water.”

“That Cork County Council would outline its regime for maintenance of public slipways in the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District.”

“That Cork County Council would assist the residents of Pembroke Wood by repairing the road surface in the estate where it is in such poor condition that it gives rise to health and safety concerns.”


March 2016

“That the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District deeply regrets the sale of the Royal Victoria Dockyard, Passage West by NAMA for a dock-related purpose. Equally, that the members of the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District deeply regret that Cork County Council did not pursue purchase of the Dockyard with a view to returning it to public use.”


February 2016

“That the Municipal District would receive a detailed report on progress with regard to the taking in charge of Pembroke Wood, Passage West.”

“That Cork County Council would take a fresh look at the Ringaskiddy Strategic Employment Area with a view to optimising the quality of environment it delivers for workers and residents, thereby enhancing its attractiveness to high quality industry.”

“That Cork County Council would prioritise production of a non-statutory planning brief to guide development in the Convent and in the Dockyard, Passage West.”


January 2016

“That resurfacing of Upper Fairy Hill, Monkstown, would be included in the Roads Programme 2016.”

“That this Municipal District would initiate an annual maintenance programme for drains and outfalls, giving particular focus to those servicing main streets.”

“That the members of this Municipal District would be provided with full details of the cost of recent works in Tom Fahy Park, Passage West. Details to include a breakdown of tender stage and final costs of each individual element of the project.”


December 2015

“That resurfacing of Upper Fairy Hill, Monkstown, would be included in the Roads Programme 2016.”

“That footpaths in the Glenbrook area of Passage West especially vulnerable to damage from kerb mounting would be replaced with reinforced concrete paths.”

“That the members of this Municipal District would be provided with full details of the cost of recent works in Tom Fahy Park, Passage West. Details to include a breakdown of tender stage and final costs of each individual element of the project.”


November 2015

“That the NRA would undertake a representativesurvey of pedestrian movements at the uncontrolled crossing at Ringaskiddy adjacent to the new playground in accordance with the advice outlined in its Pedestrian Crossing Specification and Guidance and with a view to providing a signalised pedestrian crossing at this location. That this survey would be conducted at a representative time of the year and that it would take cognisance of the particularly vulnerable nature of the profile of pedestrians using the playground facility. That the NRA would take particular note of guidance from the National Transport Authority/Department of Transport which encourages justification for pedestrian facilities to be considered more in terms of the needs of pedestrians than in always maximising traffic flows.”

“That Cork County Council, Cork City Council and the National Transport Authority would give consideration to designing the N40 overbridge as a green crossing which would p≥23eermit pedestrians, cyclists and wildlife alike to cross the N40 in safety.”


October 2015

“I ask this Municipal District to acknowledge the importance of Cork Harbour as one of the largest natural harbours in the world, as an amazing natural resource and as an integral part of the growth of our economy both locally and nationally. To demonstrate that support, I ask this Municipal District to:

  • support the development of a Cork Harbour Special Local Area Plan to progress the work already undertaken by Cork County Council in the draft Cork Harbour Study and to ensure that the multi-faceted voices of Cork Harbour stakeholders are heard in a democratic way
  • Support the creation of a committee comprising representatives of the three Municipal Districts surrounding the Harbour, the aim of which would be to develop and drive forward the aims of the Cork Harbour Special Local Area Plan.”


“That Cork County Council would use special planning contributions to provide an interim public lighting solution on Matthew Hill for the residents of Lehenaghbeg.”


“That whilst thanking the NRA for its written response in respect of my motion of July, this Municipal District would request details of the survey undertaken by the NRA at Ringaskiddy on the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing adjacent to the children’s playground. Details to include date, time and duration of the survey, hourly numbers of pedestrians, hourly numbers of vehicles, profile of pedestrians, profile of vehicle types, vehicle speed, pedestrian time to cross.”


September 2015

“That Cork County Council would outline the timescale of works for completion of Fr. O’Flynn Park, Passage West. That this timescale would detail the extent of both the Irish Water works and the subsequent County Council works. That in view of the extent of excavation of existing paths in the park, the new path surfaces would be replaced with imprinted concrete to match the original rather than with the “mill” finish proposed in Drawing No. 004 of 06/03/15, Job No. ATSI-S-2015-025-TND-004-A.”

“That the Members of this Municipal District request that the proposed route of the upgraded N28 to bypass Ringaskiddy would be selected so as to minimise impact on Ringaskiddy village and residents.”

“That Cork County Council would outline its intentions with regard to the future of the Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills.”


July 2015

“That Cork County Council would review the arrangements for right hand turning into the Roberts Bridge car park on the R610 with a view to increasing traffic safety.”

“That a pelican crossing would be installed at the uncontrolled crossing adjacent to the new playground in Ringaskiddy.”

“That the Members would receive an updated report on both derelict sites and dangerous buildings in the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District, to include a full list of all properties in question.”


June 2015

“That Cork County Council would carry out the necessary works to the Cut n Cover, Monkstown to make it wheelchair accessible.”

“That Cork County Council would improve facilities for crossing the R610 at the head of Pembroke Wood, Passage West.”


May 2015:

“That this Municipal District would report on the current status of the convent building and adjacent old school in Passage West, including identifying:

  • whether it is regarded as derelict or dangerous
  • the current status of its ownership
  • whether the derelict sites levy is being imposed and paid in respect of the convent site
  • its current identified market value for the purposes of the Derelict Sites Register.”


“That in light of the new allocations proposed for public lighting across the county, this Municipal District would prioritise the installation of public lighting:

  • along the R610 between Eurospar and Roberts Bridge, Passage West
  • Along the L2455 (Matthew Hill), Lehenaghbeg.”


April 2015

“That the Members of the Municipal District would be notified of and, where requested, circulated with copies of all tender documents prepared by Cork County Council relating to projects within the Municipal District.”

“That all elected members of the Municipal District would be circulated equally with regard to special projects being undertaken within all areas of the Municipal District.”

“That Cork County Council would use special planning contributions from the Harbour Heights development in Passage West to install an additional item of recreational equipment in the undeveloped two thirds of the former Marmullane tennis club site. These special planning contributions are to be used to provide recreation and amenity facilities in Passage West town not provided within the Harbour Heights development. A portion of the planning contributions have been used to install a Multi-Use Games Area and two outdoor table tennis tables on the Marmullane site. These occupy one third of the site. Passage West Town Council had intended that the planning contributions would be used to provide teen-specific equipment within the entire Marmullane site.”


March 2015

“That this Municipal District would assist in arresting creeping dereliction in town centres.”

“That all possible safety measures for improving interaction between pedestrians and cyclists on the Passage West – Hop Island walkway/cycle path would be examined and that the most effective of these would be implemented.”


February 2015

“That as the Traffic and Transport Strategic Policy Committee has not produced all-county guidelines for pay parking arrangements as requested by the Members and the Corporate Policy Group for end 2014, the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District would now instigate the formal process for amending the Douglas Parking Byelaws as agreed by the Members of this Municipal District at its meeting on the 21st July 2014 and in accordance with the procedures laid down by Section 36 of the Road Traffic Act 1994.”


December 2014

“That Cork County Council would remove the newly painted double yellow lines from Strand Street, Passage West. These were painted in error by the lining contractor and are significantly hindering business in the adjacent businesses.”


October 2014

“That the Members of this Municipal District will be provided with a report on the cost of running the pay parking systems in Douglas and in Ballincollig and the profit or otherwise associated with same. That the details for each pay parking system will be presented separately.”

“That this Municipal District will set aside appropriate funding in its forthcoming budget for the adequate control of kerb weed on the main roads within the Municipal District.”

Independent Councillor in the Carrigaline Municipal District of County Cork