Proposed apartment development at Pembroke Wood, Passage West

(Please note: the Design Statement submitted with the planning application has been added below today, 27-07-2017.)

A planning application has been made on behalf of Rowan Hill Developments to build 24 apartments (comprising 6 No. 1 bedroom units, 18 No. 2 bedroom units) over 3 storeys, 30 car parking spaces and all associated development works including access, landscaping, amenity areas, bicycle storage, services and refuse storage.

Although it was lodged with the County Council’s planning office on 7th July, the planning application is not available to view on the Planning Viewer app yet.  It is, however, available to view in the planning office of County Hall and I have scanned most of the drawings from it and put them here:
Planning application
Design statement

If you have concerns, it is important to lodge a submission with Cork County Council before 10th August.

  • Address your letter to the Planning Department, Cork County Council, County Hall, Cork.
  • Reference the planning application number: 17/5739 – Pembroke Wood, Passage West
  • Include your name and address
  • Include the submission fee of €20.

As of now, the planning application has not yet been validated by the County Council.  If the application is found not to be complete, it will be sent back to the applicant who will then need to relodge it.  At this stage, it will be assigned a new reference number.  Should this happen, I will let you know.  But in the meantime, if you have concerns it is important to convey them to the County Council.

This planning application was received by Cork County Council on 7th July.  By law, this date must be within two weeks of erection of the site notice.  If anyone has (preferably photographic) confirmation that the site notice was or was not in place since 24th June, please do let me know.

As a resident myself, I have will be submitting my deep concern that this proposal constitutes overdevelopment in this location.  If you have any queries, please get in touch.