we are cork summer youth challenge

The We Are Cork Summer Youth Challenge is a series of exciting, fun challenges for young people aged 13 – 18 to complete throughout the summer of 2020.

How to take part ….

– Choose your challenge from 6 themes: Music/Sport/Tech/Society/Environment/Arts. 
– Sign up using the link below. This gives you access to all the challenges via an App called FlipGrid. FlipGrid will allow you to record your challenges in 30 second video clips.  
– There are 40 challenges altogether. You need to complete 20. When your 20 are done, you will receive a medal from The Mayor of the County of Cork (or from the Lord Mayor if you are living in the Cork City Council area). 

Some examples of the challenges involved exploring your local library, writing a poem, Completing a 5k, fun challenges like learning how to juggle or make a structure out of pringles, etc…

It’s a fun and exciting challenge for all young people and allows for creativity and fun. The sign-up link is at https://bit.ly/2YZrg6m.

The Cork Summer Youth Challenge was developed by Cork Education and Training Board along with Cork County CouncilCork City CouncilCork Sports PartnershipMusic Generation Cork CityCork City Libraries. You can take a look at the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/events/2047764132034029/ and the participant guide is at the link below: