Repair and Leasing Scheme for vacant/rental property owners

The Repair and Leasing Scheme is a new scheme launched by Government and run through the local authorities.  It aims to increase the supply of social housing by enabling the use of existing housing stock.

Under the Scheme, repair and improvement works to suitable vacant properties are funded to bring them up to the standard for rented accommodation.  The cost of the works is then deducted from lease payments over an agreed lease term.

The ideal properties will require a low level of investment to bring them up to standard and it is not envisaged that any level of significant structural works will be required.  The Council will be responsible for the maintenance of the property once the lease is signed, will appoint tenants from the housing waiting list, and will manage these tenancies.  The property owner will be guaranteed a steady income, regardless of whether the property is vacant.

The maximum funding available per property is €40,000 and the lease term shall be for a period of between ten and twenty years.

Further information can be obtained from the Housing Grants Section at or telephone 022 30492 or 022 30415.

Enquiry Form and Frequently Asked Questions in relation to the Scheme:
Repair and Leasing Initiative Enquiry Form[1]
Repair & Leasing Final FAQs