Shannonpark’s new Janeville development

Yesterday was the official sod-turning on Astra Construction’s new Janeville development at Shannonpark.  This is the first of Cork County Council’s Masterplan sites to be developed, so it was a big day for the Council.  The Masterplan approach is intended to play a significant role in the Council’s response to the current need for housing.

However, there are significant infrastructural deficits in and around Carrigaline.  These have been commented on in the context of yesterday’s sod-turning.  I too commented on them in my submissions to both the Masterplan and to the Astra planning application.  I have posted these before but am reposting them here so that those of you who are concerned will see that I too echo these concerns.  As a country, we should long since have learned the lesson of putting infrastructure in place first.

My submission to Masterplan, 08-11-2015
My submission to Astra Phase 1 planning appln, 18-03-2016