Notes from the meeting of Cork County Council, 10th November 2014

[a]                  CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES

 1.  Minutes of Meeting of the Council held on 28th October, 2014.

The minutes were proposed and seconded.

Tenders opened:

  • Youghal board walk refurbishment
  • Buttevant town scheme
  • N72 and 71 paving scheme
  • Upgrading of a couple of roads and a bridge


[b]                  VOTES OF SYMPATHY

2.  Votes of Sympathy (if any) to the relatives of:

(i)             members or employees of the Council,
(ii)           dignitaries of Church or State, or
(iii)           members of old I.R.A. and Cumann na mBan.

Cllr McGrath (FF) extended sympathy to Joe Walsh and his family.   Invited Cllr Murphy O’Mahony to speak on behalf of the party.

Cllr Murphy O’Mahony (FF):  Very proud to speak on behalf of Fianna Fail because Joe Walsh was a personal friend.  Her late brother was Joe’s Director of Elections.  She worked side by side with Joe on many projects where they formed a strong friendship.

Joe established the Fianna Fail Cumann in UCC when he was there doing dairy science.  He subsequently worked in Teagasc, Moorepark and then in Strand Dairies, Clonakilty.  He was elected to Cork County Council in 1974.  He served on the VEC committee and agricultural committee.  He was elected to Dail Eireann from Cork South West in 1977 and sat in the Seanad from 1981 – 82.  Thereafter he served in the Dail again.  He retired through his own choice in 2007.

Joe Walsh loved the people of Cork South West.  He was a huge family man and adored grandfather.

Cllr K Murphy (FG):  Also extended sympathy on his own behalf and on behalf of Fine Gael.  Was shocked to hear that he had died at a relatively young age.  Was a friend of all of ours.  Left a substantial legacy to this country.  Got to know Joe when he became a TD.

Cllr O’Grady (SF):  Would like to be associated with these remarks and extends sympathy to Joe Walsh’s family.

Cllr O’Shea (Ind):  Also wants to be associated with sympathy.  Very sad for the family.

Cllr McCarthy (Lab):  Very sorry to hear of the death of Joe Walsh and also extends sympathy to his family.

Cllr N Collins (Ind):  Served with Joe Walsh on Cork County Council and on the Cork County Committee for Agriculture.  Helped to elect Joe Walsh as Chairperson of this committee.  Small farmers in East Cork were suffering with a particular issue at the time and Joe helped him sort this out on their behalf.  Prays that the family will get grace and strength to help them through this time.

Cllr Hegarty (FG):  Also served on Cork County Council with Joe Walsh from 1985 – 87.  Gentleman.  On his first day in County Hall, it was Joe Walsh who brought him up to the canteen to help him feel at ease.

Cllr O’Sullivan (FF):  Extends sympathies to Joe’s family.  Joe had huge success as a parliamentarian and Minister.  Made a huge contribution to Clonakilty and West Cork.  Clonakilty’s prosperity has a lot to do with Joe’s influence: the Technology Park, West Cork Model Railway and Agricultural College.

Cllr N O’Donovan (FG):  Extends sympathies.  Joe Walsh gave great service to West Cork.  Spoke across the political divide.  Great leader.  Presence on street.

Cllr Hayes (SF):  Echoes sentiments.  Clonakilty man himself so deepest sympathies to wife and children.  He was at school with some of Joe Walsh’s children.

Cllr Carroll (FF):  Wants also to be associated with the sympathies for his good friend Joe Walsh.  Was always available on the phone or in person.  Was with him in Dublin when foot and mouth broke out.  It was thanks to him that we kept that disease out.  West Cork is losing a great politician and a great person.

Cllr M Collins (Ind):  Man of great presence.  On behalf of people that he represents in West Cork, he wants to extend sympathies.

Cllr Murphy (FF):  Joe Walsh was an excellent parliamentarian and constituency worker.  Worked tirelessly, in clinics, etc.  Spent a lot of time on Beara peninsula.  His fingerprints are all over the Beara peninsula, in particular with excellent infrastructure.  Wherever he went he was taken seriously.  Thanks him for all his efforts for West Cork over the years.

Cllr Flynn (FF):  Knew Joe for many years in Fermoy.  Will never forget Joe for encouraging him to do dairy science in UCC.  Joe was our first ever Minister for Food.  Very few served for so long as Minister for Agriculture – Joe served under 3 administrations.  Joe had many other interests, especially greyhound racing.  We’re very fortunate that we had such a Minister at the time who had this interest.  It was thanks to him that the Mallow racecourse was revamped.  Even at his passing yesterday morning, he was still Chairperson of the racing.  Joe always had time to listen and talk.  He always came across as a great listener and very gentle even though he was a tall and big man.  We can be so grateful to him for his understanding of farming and for keeping the foot and mouth out of Ireland.  Thank you Joe for your services to Cork South West, for your services as a Minister, for your services to Cork, for your services to the Country and thank you for your friendship.

Cllr A Moynihan (FF):  Very positive personable guy who was always available to talk and listen.  Was very involved in Europe, went on to establish Bord Bia and focused on establishing export markets for our food.  Joe could extend the foot and mouth issue out to non-agricultural communities; this was one of the reasons it was such a success.  This is largely because he was so personable himself.  It wasn’t just agriculture, it was people.

Cllr Fitzgerald (FF):  Also thanked Joe for everything that he has done for Mallow.  He will be very sadly missed.  Condolences to the family.

Cllr O’Keeffe (FF):  Wants to be associated with previous speakers.  Huge friend to the private sector also.  Maybe the current crisis with the meat factories wouldn’t have come to where it is if Joe was there to help out.  He had a great understanding of big business.  Also a great friend to racing.

CE:  Wants to be associated with all the sympathies on behalf of the Executive and staff of the County Council.  All Joe’s dealings with the staff over the years was done on a courteous and facilitative basis.  Sincere sympathies to his wife and five children.

Mayor:  Joe was a colossus politically locally.  He was the longest serving EU agricultural minister.  Had a massive grasp of agriculture and food.  Spoke of the specific legacies he left this county.  The food industry stronger because of him: gourmet festival in Kinsale was launched by him.  Served for such a long time.  He had a sense of presence but he never let the high office he held go to his head.  Was a friend to all.

Cllr O’Grady (SF):  Wants to extend sympathies to Cllr Kieran McCarthy on the death of his father.

All Members and the CE associated ourselves themselves with these sympathies.

Cllr O’Sullivan (FF):  Wants to extend sympathy on the death of Noel O’Sullivan, who was a valued member of the outdoor staff in Clonakilty.

Cllr N O’Donovan (FG):  Noel was a very popular member of the outdoor staff in the Clonakilty office.  Echoes these sympathies.

CE also.  Noel was a very valued member of staff of the Clonakilty office and of the Clonakilty community.  Very sad at his passing and extends sympathy of all the executive and staff to his wife and children.

Cllr K McCarthy (SF):  Thanked all for the vote of sympathy and also thanked those who attended his father’s funeral.


[c]                  STATUTORY BUSINESS

3.  Disposal of Property – Section 183 of the Local Government Act, 2001:
(a).                  Disposal of 13 Cúl na Gréine, Kanturk, Co. Cork.
(b).                  Disposal of land at Cloonlough, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.
(c).                  Disposal of land adjacent to No. 1 Carhookeal, Mallow
(d).                  Disposal of land at Ballybeg, Kilphelan, Co. Cork.
(e).                  Disposal of former Courthouse Building, Bantry by way
of lease to Port of Cork Company.

(f).                  Disposal of 11 Ardan, Cloghmacsimon, Bandon.
(g).                  Disposal of Bantry Town Pier, to Port of Cork Company.(h).                  Disposal of 54 Canon Sheehan Place, Mallow, Co. Cork.(i).                  Disposal of 30 Fernlea, Kilnagleary, Carrigaline.

Disposal (a):

Cllr Mullane (SF):  Very angry with the kind of disposal proposed for property (a).  It has been allowed to run into very poor condition and hasn’t even been offered to a housing agency

S O’Callaghan:  This house was repossessed by the County Council.  The property was disposed of because it wasn’t economic to upgrade it.  It was disposed of on the open market in the proper way.  It is not part of our public housing stock.  It is a private house that was funded by way of local authority loan.

Cllr T Collins (Ind):  This house had a €26-28,000 sale price.  If this money is not accepted for this property, it will never again see this kind of money.  Was surprised it made as much as it did because it is in very poor condition.

Cllr Mullane (SF):  Wishes this information had been available at the divisional meeting when she first enquired about this property.  It is a shame it had to come to full Council to get this information.

Disposal (c):

Cllr J McCarthy (SF):  Asked how much land is involved.

S O’Callaghan:  This is surplus to the development of the Mitchelstown relief road.  Money got from the sale will go back to the NRA.

Disposal (g):

Cllr Murphy (FF):  Hoped this decision would be deferred.  Will not be deferred now, he understands.  There is a meeting scheduled with the Minister which was to look at the overall plan for inner harbour development in Bantry.  Planning application had a steering committee using RPS and comprising Cork County Council, Bantry Harbour Commissioners and one other.  The investment was to be €3m in entirety in a 7 phase project.  Lots of talk and effort chaired by Noel O’Keeffe, County Engineer of the time.  Were very good social and economic reasons for the way it was approached.  No objections were submitted to the planning application at all which in itself is most unusual.

Outlined the phases of the project.

Port of Cork has taken over from Bantry Harbour Commissioners.  They are proposing that they will use €7m of an investment in Bantry to widen the existing pier, create 40 car parking spaces, 8 pontoons and dredge around the head of the existing pier.  For same amount of money they could dredge the harbour, create a shelter berth, and build a new pier.  It would create so much more opportunity.  There is huge disquiet in Bantry about this.  This €7m is seen as a one off opportunity by the locals.

90% of the people in Bantry who have looked at these two options would take the new pier option.  It is mind blowing that the Port of Cork’s choice would come down on the side of what is now being proposed.  Lack of consultation is another big issue that has also come up.  Remembers being on the Bantry Harbour Board and there was always huge partnership with the community.  There hasn’t now been a forum meeting in months.  Thinks Port of Cork is avoiding it.  Port of Cork personnel cannot justify why they are proposing what they are proposing.

The current pier was capped 2 – 3 years ago and is in good condition.  Why they would be building another is beyond everyone.  Feels Port of Cork is dictating and is engaging but only on a piecemeal basis.  People in Bantry want Port of Cork to have a vision for Bantry.  Port of Cork is blaming the old Harbour Board for signing up to this plan.  We NEVER signed up to this plan.

Please do the right and proper thing for Bantry.

Cllr M Collins (Ind):  Supports all the sentiments Cllr Murphy brought up.  Have been in discussions locally for a number of weeks.  Would also like decision deferred.  There is a meeting taking place in 2 weeks time which would have given people more clarity.  Was there consultation with the public in Bantry?  And the answer is there wasn’t.  Now we are left with a decision having to be made and the people of Bantry are unhappy with this decision.  Still thinks that while he supports the disposal today, he hopes the negotiations will continue.  But needs input from the people of Bantry.  If the people of Bantry are not happy with investment of €7m then there is something wrong.  Maybe agreement that satisfies all parties will still be possible.

Cllr Mary Hegarty (FG):  Golden opportunity for Bantry.  Bantry has been offered €7.5 m to be spent on its harbour.  Port of Cork has taken over.  4 members of Bantry on the new committee now.  They speak for the people of Bantry.  Hopes today that we will proceed with disposal of pier.  There will be funding down the line.  This is an opportunity we cannot lose for Bantry and hopefully the town will reap the rewards in the future.

Cllr N O’Donovan (FG):  The West Cork Municipal District has agreed that Bantry needs this investment.  The only decision we can make as members is the disposal of the pier, not where the funding goes.  There are concerns in Bantry as to whether this money would be better spent on a new pier or not.  Thinks Port of Cork will have to listen to the people.  We have to be clear that we cannot slow the process here today.  Bantry needs this and we cannot stand in its way.

Cllr Hayes (SF):  Cllr Murphy (FF) has put a lot of work into plan B.  We have run out of time on getting to Plan B.  It is a very hot topic in Bantry because people are fearful that if the Council doesn’t dispose of the pier and hand it over to the Port of Cork, we will miss this opportunity.  We all have the future viability of Bantry in mind and would like to proceed with the disposal of the pier at this stage to ensure that the funding is allocated.

Cllr Murphy (FF):  Current users are concerned about public access.  Currently Cork County Council gives public access.  Users are concerned that fees may be charged because the Port of Cork is a commercial company.  Cork County Council doesn’t charge at present.  Users are concerned that a gate may go up.

Cllr K Murphy (FG):  Know from past experience that we had a deputation meet with the Department of Transport when Kinsale was being handed over to Cork County Council.  €5m was to be spent on Kinsale and Baltimore.  Funding for both harbours was conditional on proposals that were laid down before the Department before the harbours were transferred.  The Department said funding was to be spent only on what was proposed.  If funding for Bantry is conditional in the same way, then Port of Cork will have a real problem in going for any proposal other than the original one.

CE:  Once a section 183 disposal notice is issued, it has to go onto the next agenda meeting of Council.  Legislation provides for Council to decide not to proceed with the disposal.  There is no legislative provision to defer the disposal.

Mayor:  Has spoken to the Port of Cork on this.  We have €7m to be spent in Bantry now.  Bantry has had false dawns in terms of investment in the past.  We don’t want to be party to putting this €7m in jeopardy.  Will speak to the CE with regard to giving time to get further clarity on the issue.  We want the message to get out that we want to see investment in Bantry.

Others agreed.

The Corporate Policy Group has met and agreed that in future all disposals will go through Municipal District.  It is hoped that the staff will have sufficient information that we won’t have the type of questions we have had at the meeting today.  Trashing out will happen then at Municipal District level.


4.  Comhar na nOileán Teo:

Appointment of 1 nominee from the Council to the Board of Comhar na nOileán Teo.

Agreed that Cllr Coleman would be appointment.



5.  Corporate Policy Group:

(i)    Approval of attendance by Council members at Conferences on the Conference List for November, 2014 approved by the Corporate Policy Group at their meeting on the 4th of November 2014.

(ii)  Contribution to Cork City Sports:  Contribution of €6,500 to the Cork City Sports for 2014 agreed by the Council at their meeting on the 14th of July 2014. Proposed to increase this contribution to €10,000.

(iii) Contribution to Dromahane Community Park Group Ltd: Contribution of €28,000 to the Dromahane Community Park Group Ltd to assist in the development of ground works for a juvenile pitch in Dromahane.

Cllr Canty (FG):  Thinks that we should get more PR out of the Cork City Sports than we do.  A bit like the Opera House over the years, to which we gave much money but got very little acknowledgement.  At one stage the Cork City Sports was called the Cork City and County Sports.  Happy to give the contribution but asks that we get something more back out of it.

Mayor: On Dromahane – please don’t let members of the CPG to go to the public until items of funding have been agreed.  That includes Facebook!  The Dromahane funding proposal was released to the public since it was first mooted at the CPG meeting.

S O’Callaghan:  Cork County Council purchased 5.6 ac of land outside Dromahane.  We’re now about to conclude a lease for the majority of that land to the Dromahane Community Park Ltd.  We’re retaining a small strip for land for a public footpath.  Playing pitches, grounds and car park are to be developed.  This is phase 1 of the development.  The Council will give €28k.  The community group will raise themselves €28k.  Most of this has already been raised.  It is a shovel ready project.

Cllr Fitzgerald (FF):  Is delighted the community is getting this.  Is very badly needed in the community.  Some of the land in Dromahane has been taken by Cork County Council for building purposes down through the years.  Great community spirit there and is delighted to be part of the promotion and delighted to propose that the money would be handed over to the community.

Cllr G Murphy (FG):  Seconds but we should clarify that there is a historical issue here.  There was a total lack of sporting facilities in Dromahane but a piece of ground traditionally used by the community for that purpose.  The Council decided to build on that ground.  That is why we can justify making an exception in this case.  Generally the Cork County Council doesn’t buy ground for sporting facilities.  But this is an exceptional case.

Cllr O’Shea (Ind):  Also supports.  Dromohane has developed three fold since the Celtic Tiger and the Cork County Council was not in a position to provide land.  This facility is very badly needed and proposes that we go ahead.

Cllr T Collins (Ind):  Agrees 100% with this proposal.


6.  West Cork Municipal District:

Nomination of the following Members to the West Cork Island Interagency:
Cllr. Joe Carroll
Cllr. Michael Collins
Cllr. Patrick Gerard Murphy

Cllr G Murphy (FG) asked question about procedures.  If the Municipal District has the authority to nominate a member, then that should be the end of it.  And if it has to come to full Council, choosing the member should be part of grouping system.

S O’Callaghan:  Selection of a Member to go on the committee of the Cobh Heritage Centre is an example.  Cobh Municipal District nominated a member for the Cobh Heritage Centre committee, told full Council and then the appointment was approved at full Council.

Mayor: Gathers the West Cork Island Interagency meetings are not a closed shop type of meeting so if Cllr Murphy from N Cork would like to attend, is sure he will be welcome.


7.  Northern Committee:

“That Cork County Council call on the Minister for Transport to make available finance to put in place the much needed Mallow by-pass road in the interest of safety and the economic development of North Cork.”

Cllr Fitzgerald (FF):  This is one of the most important developments for N Cork.  This needs to go back on the map.  Asks the Mayor to lead a deputation to achieve this. Deputations need to be made to the Minister and the NRA.

Cllr T Collins (ind):  Wants to propose this.  This road is badly needed.  The Taoiseach when he visited Dairygold recently promised this would be looked at.  Some of the traffic visiting Mallow town comes off the ferry in Rosslare.  Watching a truck negotiating the streets of Mallow would bring home to you how badly this development is needed.  Thinks we should hold the Taoiseach to the promise he made when he was visiting Mallow.

Cllr Fitzgerald (FF):  Northern Committee agreed to seek a deputation ot the Minister on this.  Very badly needed.  Most important for the life of Mallow town itself.  Town is packed up with traffic almost every day of the week.  A big truck coming through the town will stop traffic.  Some hauliers who know the town are taking short cuts through housing estates.  Imperative that we get on to the Minister and get funding.  Minister made a very serious commitment to further this issue.  Wants to thank CEO of Dairygold who made a plea on the day that this ring road around Mallow would be put in place.  We have a new plaza in Mallow town and the traffic in Mallow will not work properly without a relief road.

Cllr O’Shea (ind):  Would like to support the motion.  Very important piece of infrastructure we need in North Cork.  Dairygold is giving an investment of €115m to Mallow and Mitchelstown.  The N20 is not coming back again and we need that relief road for Mallow.

Cllr Mullane (SF):  The town is unreal for traffic.  We need a relief road.  It is paramount for any investment in the town.  As an employee of Dairygold, welcomes theDiarygold investment.  But we have to have the relief road.

Cllr K Murphy (FG):  Should be identified correctly in the motion that it is a ring road is being sought, not a bypass.

CE:  Clarifies that we are taking the matter up with the NRA.  Asking the NRA to make an allocation which will enable us to examine options for a relief road.  This will allow us to restart the process of examining the northern relief road.

(7 FF members in the Chamber) 



 8.  Cork Strategic Brand Book.

CE:  This is on the agenda to keep Members up to speed.  We have been working with UCC and others to develop a strategic approach to the consistent messaging of Cork City and County.  The Brand Book sets out the strategic strengths of Cork.  The Brand Book will be available in limited print form in a few weeks town.  Effectively a practical guide for all the stakeholders who promote Cork.  Represents what Cork offers and what its promise and targeted reputation is internationally.  Key messages that stakeholders in Cork can use when advertising abroad.  Will circulate to members and give a presentation in due course.

Cllr Canty (FG):  Pleased that we are working in a joint City and County approach.  Very much welcomes this.

Cllr O’Laoghaire (SF):  Will the Brand Book be circulated as finalised or will there be opportunity for comment?

CE:  It will be finalised.  Members received a presentation through the SPC in May and Members were encouraged to make comments at this stage.  The Brand Book will be available primarily on line ideally and will be updated over time.  There will be opportunity for new Members to contribute to the review over time.

Cllr Cullinane (Ind):  Very pleased with this.  Attended the Global Economic Forum.  We were greeted that day with the theme of “City Island and City Harbour”.  Colliers described this as being a brand going forward.  Fears that this diminishes us in some way as being the Great Island and the real Cork Harbour.  Has discussed this with the Mayor because the theme captivated his attention also.  Thinks very good that we promote City and County together but hopes that the geographical importance of the county islands will be acknowledged and not diminished by co-operation with the City.

Cllr A Moynihan (FF):  Thanks the CE for the overview.

CE:  Also the South Regional Waste Management Plan will be coming up for public consultation on 18th November.


The rest of the meeting is to be adjourned as a mark of respect on the passing of Joe Walsh, former Member of Cork County Council.


Cllr O’Grady (SF): Asks if this meeting will be fully reconvened before we go into the Budget meeting.  Maybe Friday or Monday?  Sinn Fein submitted questions through the CEO’s office on budgetary strategy.  We got answers to those questions.  Then we submitted supplementary questions which we were told should either go to CPG or should be submitted as a motion.  So he submitted his question as a motion.  Didn’t realise that there was a second CPG meeting on Friday.  Still hasn’t had an answer to this question that he raised as a motion.  Needs an answer before the Budget meeting

CE:  Keen to ensure that all our deliberations for the Budget are dealt with through the framework of the CPG and the Council.  It is extremely difficult to difficult respond to the motion because the rating system is designed in a manner which doesn’t capture the nature of the property or the business type.  We don’t categorise businesses by type.  The Childcare Sector encompasses a range of business providing different kinds of services and to get this information would be very time consuming and labour intensive.  Would require background information assimilation which we don’t use for the purposes of collecting rates.  If someone came to see what rates we collected on public houses for example, we couldn’t give it because the rate record is on the basis of the evaluation and the amount paid.  Wants to facilitate Members with information but it would take a lot of time to do this.  Very challenging and will speak to staff again about it.  Will be in this position in 2 weeks time still.

Cllr O’Grady (SF):  Pity that answer wasn’t given to the CPG on Friday when the question was raised.  This question was submitted weeks ago and still no answer.  We are looking at proposing to give cash back to childcare facilities in some way in the budget.  And we cannot get an answer from the Cork County Council.  We are being told to go to the budget meeting without the information we need to make a proposal that we intend to make.  This has been going on for 5 – 6 weeks.

CE:  You wrote on behalf of the party going back 10 – 12 weeks.  Then supplementary questions came.  This wasn’t part of the supplementaries.  I was happy to help out.  Where further questions were coming, I am not in a position to deal with specific parties and specific questions.  This question has appeared today for the first time on a Council agenda.  I said on Friday that because it was on the Council agenda today, I would deal with it here in the Chamber rather than at CPG.  So I have not delayed on providing information in any way.

Mayor:  The information looked for in the motion is beyond the ability of the CE to provide at this point in time.

CE:  Will check back with staff.  Understands the motive behind the question now.  Will see what he can do.  Didn’t understand the motive behind the question before.  But needs to explain that it is a time consuming job to do this and cannot guarantee that the response will be accurate or adequate in time for the budget.  The information required cannot easily be extracted.

Cllr O’Grady (SF):  Appreciates explanation and thanks the CE.  The clear intent was that all questions on finance would be in preparation for the budget strategy.  Perhaps he should have tagged.

CE:  Needs to deal with Members through the structure of Finance Committee, Corporate Policy Group and Full Council.  All Members need to understand this.  Going forward, questions of this nature are best dealt with in that structure because it puts them in the correct context.

Cllr O’Laoghaire (SF):  Today is the second time that this circumstance of deferring a meeting has happened.  Also this is a shortened meeting but it is already 12.45pm.  Should we look at a fall back day for finishing meetings maybe?

Mayor:  The cutting short of a meeting as a mark of respect has happened twice since the new Council but has actually happened only 4 times in his entire time as a Member.

Cllr K Murphy (FG):  There is a big page in the Evening Echo about the budget meeting and what was discussed at the CPG.  That is uncalled for.  It is not OK for a member of the CPG to go to the press with what has come out of the CPG.  It hasn’t even come to full Council.  CE needs to speak to Members about this.

Cllr A Moynihan (FF) and Cllr O’Laoghaire (SF) both have a vote of congratulations.


The rest of the meeting is deferred.


[f]                  NOTICES OF MOTION

 9.  Councillor Bernard Moynihan:
“That Cork County Council fully supports and endorses Cork’s bid to host Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2016.”


10.  Councillor John Paul O’Shea:
“That Cork County Council propose an amendment to the Valuation Act which is currently under review in the Houses of the Oireachtas via the Government by writing to the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government and the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform ensuring the following amendments are included in the amendments put forward to the Oireachtas for approval:

  • Local authority has more discretion in relation to how they apply rates to businesses across the county 
  • Ensuring that sports clubs that previously paid rates on its bar and on sporting buildings, will now only pay rates for the part of the building that generates income i.e. the bar. 
  • Ensuring that Community Childcare facilities who have to date been subject to full rates be allow discretionary rates so as to value their ethos which is to provide low cost, Government funded programmes such as the EECE and the CCS Schemes to people in disadvantaged areas.  

In practical terms, this will reduce significantly the size of the building for which sports clubs and community childcare facilities must pay rates and it will provide a sustainable welcome boost for clubs and childcare facilities which are provided to the community, by the community.”


11.  Councillor Seamus McGrath:
“To request that the Council re-establish a Public Lighting Capital Programme.”


12.  Councillor Melissa Mullane:
“That this Council provides a written report on the process to sanction the lifting of the current recruitment embargo and why Cork County Council were successful on permission to lift restriction on high level income Grade positions and unsuccessful on lower level income posts. Included in this report should also be the number of staff that have left the council since the recruitment embargo has been implemented and have not been replaced and the type of position vacated.

The permanent positions filled since introduction of recruitment embargo are as follows:

  • Mar 2010             2 civil defence officers
  • July 2010             Divisional Manager
  • Jan 2012              Chief veterinary officer
  • Feb 2012              Divisional Manager
  • Feb 2013              County Engineer
  • Dec 2013              Financial accountant
  • Dec 2013              County Solicitor

As the current CEO, is not listed as one of the above, are there any other positions that are hired outside of remit of Cork County Council.”


13.  Councillor Des O’Grady:
“That this council provides a written report on the total amounts collected by Cork County Council through commercial rates levied on Pre-School Childcare facilities in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014. The report to include the yearly total number of Pre-School childcare facilities on which commercial rates were levied in each of those years.”


14.  Councillor Donnchadh O’Laoghaire:
That Cork County Council would adopt
a) a painting grants scheme similar to that in Cork City Council for historical and locally important streets and districts within Cork’s Towns and Suburbs
b) a scheme similar to that in Cork City where whereby tourist information is displayed on derelict buildings.”


15.  Councillor Kevin Murphy:
“That Members of Cork County Council be informed on the following:-
The total amount of land currently in Council ownership in particular
1). The land purchased since 2000, the location of these
2). The purchased cost per acre and
3). The interest payable annually on monies borrowed for these lands and that the CEO would outline his proposals for these lands going forward.”


16.  Councillor Rachel McCarthy:
“That this Council acknowledges the long waiting time for Local Authority Tenants in respect of housing adaptations and calls for the Government to allocate extra funding to local authorities for same.”


17.  Councillor Deirdre Forde:
“Cork County Council supports The Carers Association call on the Minister for Social Protection to amend the Social Welfare Bill to make provision for the restoration of the Respite Care Grant.”


18.  Councillor Noel Collins:
“That this Council request the Minister for the Environment and Local Government and the Minister for Housing to investigate and remedy the serious plight of older separated men and women with marital and relationship problems, particularly in their quest for social housing.”


19.  Councillor Michael Collins:
“The recent budget gave 90% reduction in capital acquisitions tax to full time active farmers inheriting land. The Minister’s proposal is:

A. They must be full time farmers i.e. people spending more that 50% of their time farming the land.
B. Non farmers or part time farmers other than full time farmers will get the relief but they must lease their land to full time farmers for set number of years.

This budget proposal by the Minister places part time farmers in the same category i.e. farmers spending less than 50% of their time in the same categories of non farmers, this is grossly unfair to the 30% of farmers who will be forced to lease their land for up to 6 years.

This is an unfair disadvantage for part time famers. I note that 30% of farmers in Ireland have a job outside of farming in order to survive and these will be severely effected by this proposal.

I am asking the Minister to relook at this proposal in the budget in order to be fair to part time farmers and I am asking my colleagues to support my motion today.”


20.  Councillor June Murphy:
“That this Council supports The Carers Association call on the Minister for Social Protection to amend the Social Welfare Bill to make provision for the restoration of the Respite Care Grant.”