Carrigdhoun 24/10/2006

Cllr. Marcia D’Alton writes …

Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway

Next year is the 75th anniversary of the closing of the Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway.  The route of the railway was from Cork City to Blackrock, through cuttings and over embankments to Rochestown and then along a scenic riverside embankment to the quays in Passage West.   The first train ran from Cork to Passage in June 1850.  It cost 6d. for first class travel or 4d. for second class travel to take the 18 minute journey from Cork to Passage.  Because the train ran only to Passage for the first 50 years of its life, first class passengers were able to take an omnibus to Monkstown for an extra 1d.