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railway_trail_signSourced funding for and designed the Passage West/Monkstown Railway Trail

The CB&PR ran between Cork City and Passage WEst from 1850 – 1902.  At the same time, the railway company operated a paddle steamer service connecting Passage West to towns in the Lower Harbour.  In 1902, the railway was extended to Monkstown.  It was it an integral part of life for people working and living in Passage West/Monkstown.

2007 was the 75th anniversary of the closure of the CB&PR.  It seemed to me to be an entirely appropriate to time to celebrate a transportation service which contributed so much to the development of the Lower Harbour and to Ireland’s rich railway heritage.

So I successfully applied for funding to the Heritage Council for a heritage trail along a length of 2 miles of the former CB&PR line.  The trail now starts at the Hop Island – Passage West embankment opposite Ardmore House and finishes on the Monkstown side of the Cut and Cover. I collated information and photographs for noticeboards marking both the beginning and the end of the trail and for the 12 stop points along the 2 mile length of the line mark railway infrastructure remaining to this day.

It continues to bring me pleasure when I see visitors stopping to read any of the signs along the Railway Trail.  The Trail has also attracted visitors to the town:
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Independent Councillor in the Carrigaline Municipal District of County Cork