Letters to CEO of NAMA and acting government Ministers relating to the Royal Victoria Dockyard, Passage West

The following are letters I drafted on behalf of the elected members of the Municipal District in relation to the proposed sale of the Royal Victoria Dockyard, Passage West.  The future of this dockyard is critical to the future of Passage West as a town.  The elected members support my devastation that NAMA proposes to sell it for continued dock use at a €21 million loss to the taxpayer.

Letter to NAMA, 29-03-2016

Covering letter to Michael Noonan, 29-03-2016

Covering letter to Brendan Howlin, 29-03-2016

I am also posting a copy of a letter I sent to the Chief Executive of Cork County Council, enclosing all the Facebook comments posted on my page in relation to the dockyard.  I hoped that this would help to illustrate to him the depth of feeling in Passage West about the future of the dockyard.

Letter to CE, 04-04-2016