Cllr. Marcia D’Alton

Politics is about improving the everyday lives of people.  At a local level, those improvements are sought in the areas in which we live and work, the quality of our free time experiences, how easily we can access necessary services.  We have many assets in and around our communities.  But much more can be done to protect and improve the quality of our everyday lives.  As an environmental engineer, I have developed the technical skills so useful in tackling this job effectively.  As a former consultant to local and national government, I am acquainted with those who make this job possible.  As an independent, I have the freedom to act always in accordance with my professional integrity.  And having been honoured to be a Town Councillor in Passage West/Monkstown for the past 10 years, I have a proven track record in working through local government with my own community to capitalise on what is good in our area.  I would appreciate your No. 1 vote or highest preference possible on May 23rd so that I may continue to use the skills and experience I have to offer both within my own community and all communities throughout the Cork South Central ward.