Environmental Impact Statement for Cobh Network/Pumping Stations and Lower Harbour Pipeline River Crossing

Irish Water has submitted an Environmental Impact Statement to An Bord Pleanála as part of the planning application for the new Cobh sewage network and pumping stations.  This is part of the Lower Harbour wastewater treatment project.  The part of this planning application that is hugely relevant to our side of the harbour is the pipeline crossing.  That pipeline is proposed to carry sewerage from Cobh across to Monkstown, from where it will travel to Shanbally for treatment at the new Lower Harbour wastewater treatment plant.

The planning application is in a huge box file with lots of documentation.  I have gone through it, scanned the pages that are relevant to the pipeline crossing and am uploading them here in several files.  This will save you the trouble of having to go to County Hall to view them.

The quality isn’t great – sorry about that.  They’re legible but not beautiful.  Time was not my friend on that particular day!

File 1: 1.SuperScan1

File 2: 2.IW_MD

File 3: 3.Noise assessment