Worked with local…

Worked with local residents to run an annual Bonfire Night Party

Bonfire Night (23rd June), traditionally a night of fun, had become a night of dread in Passage West/Monkstown.  Bonfires had become an opportunity to dump all kinds of waste.  The resulting litter, danger to children and filthy aftermath were becoming more than the community could deal with.

So three years ago, in co-operation with the local JPC, the County JPC, local gardai and the County Council, Passage West/Monkstown took a decision to be a bonfire-free zone.

I am Secretary of our local Residents Association and our estate was traditionally the site of one of the larger bonfires in the town.  Rather than lose the fun element of the night, I worked with the Residents Association to organise a Bonfire Night Party.  The focus of the night was a bonfire constructed entirely of clean timber purchased specifically for the purpose.  Live music, DJ, games for the children and hot food were also on offer.

The Bonfire Night Party proved to be a tremendous success and was enjoyed by people from all over the town.  We repeated its success again last year and hope to do so again this year.  I was proud to be involved in being able to provide a night of enjoyment for the children with the offshoot benefit of Passage West’s being the first county town to instigate an alternative to dirty bonfires.

Independent Councillor in the Carrigaline Municipal District of County Cork