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Prepared Architectural Design Guidelines for our towns on behalf of the Town Council

Much of Passage West/Monkstown is in an Architectural Conservation Area.  This means that the buildings in our towns are regarded as being special and worth looking after.  Sometimes it is hard to see that when their facades are dirty and crumbling, but it is having a built environment of the calibre of ours that has made such towns as Greystones and Dalkey in Dublin so highly thought of.

The Town Council wanted our Architectural Conservation status to be seen as a positive thing.  We did not want to be objecting to planning applications on the basis of their not contributing to our streetscapes and built environments.  Cork County Council had committed to developing Architectural Conservation Guidelines for Passage West but had not been able to deliver.

I used my background as an engineer to develop our own set of Architectural Conservation Guidelines on behalf of the Town Council.  We did this in consultation with the Strategic Planning Unit of Cork County Council.  Cork County Council gave the Guidelines statutory recognition in the Carrigaline Electoral Area Local Area Plan.  This was regarded as a very positive move for Passage West/Monkstown and allowed us the privilege of being the only town In South Cork with dedicated Architectural Design Guidelines.


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Independent Councillor in the Carrigaline Municipal District of County Cork