Policy ethos

A vote for me is a vote for change.  Change towards closer links between Cork County Council and your daily life.  Change towards greater involvement in local policy making.  Change towards improved transparency in decision making and funding.

Change is important for one simple reason: to make people’s lives better.  My experiences as an engineer and town councillor have led me to firmly believe that the strength of our country lies in its communities at the most local level.  It is vital that power and decision-making is devolved as low as practicable.

So a vote for me is a vote to create positive engagement between your community and Cork County Council.  Your community needs that identity to keep it strong.  Building up communities is the first step to devolving governance of the people to the people.  And that is the only way we will create a content and fulfilled society, realising Ireland’s vast potential.


Oppose any increase in Local Property Tax
Fight for a reduction in Local Property Tax when water charges are introduced
Work towards services and amenities in every community
Encourage councilors to establish a Councillors Community Fund to support community groups
Work towards reducing rates and utilising empty business units
Fight illegal dumping of rubbish
Plan greater access to Cork Harbour for all
Assist community and voluntary groups in obtaining grant funding
Protect and preserve our heritage
Assist communities in developing tailored plans to advance their own areas


Independent Councillor in the Carrigaline Municipal District of County Cork