Protect and preserve…

Protect and preserve our heritage

The past is all around us.  Everywhere has a history and everywhere has a heritage.  Whether it is buildings, farms, landscapes, archives or a wild area.  Our heritage tells us who we are and where we are from and for this reason alone it is hugely important.

But it is important for other reasons too.  Heritage sites and buildings can have a very positive influence on the way a community develops.  Heritage is a proven source of benefit to local economy, adds drive to community action and is a wonderful local educational resource.  Areas where heritage is understood and valued tend to be better looked after than those where heritage items have no link with the community.

Communities must be helped to identify their heritage.  Those who have already identified it must be given support in its management and enhancement.  It is too easy to compromise our heritage in favour of “development”.  This is not acceptable.  Sustinable development – development which enriches the community – embraces heritage and builds on it whilst moving forward.

Independent Councillor in the Carrigaline Municipal District of County Cork