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Notes from a meeting of the full Council, 25th January 2015

Suspension of standing orders proposed for 1pm by Cllr Hegarty (FG) on the flooding in Waterrock and by Cllr O’Flynn (FF) on the lack of a water supply in Fermoy over the weekend.


1.  Minutes of Meeting of the Council held on 11th January, 2016.

Proposed and seconded.


[b]           VOTES OF SYMPATHY
2.  Votes of Sympathy (if any) to the relatives of:

  • members or employees of the Council,
  • dignitaries of Church or State, or
  • members of old I.R.A. and Cumann na mBan.

Two votes of sympathy were offered.


3.  Disposal of Property – Section 183 of the Local Government Act, 2001:

(a).          Disposal of 54 Belmont Avenue, Rochestown, Co. Cork.

Cobh Municipal District, 10th December, 2015:

(b).          Disposal of Substation Site at Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork to ESB Networks.

Proposed and seconded.

4.  Statutory Consultation on Draft Flood Maps – South Western CFRAM Study.

OPW consultation




5.  Capital Programme 2016 – 2018 prepared in accordance with S.135 of the Local Government Act, 2001.

The Capital Programme was distributed: Capital Programme 2016


  • This is a three-year capital programme.
  • We have done one-year capital programmes previously. The one-year process was benficial because it allowed us to be accurate in our predictions.
  • We have this year tried to be as accurate as possible but we are aware that we don’t know what grant aid we will get in 2017 and 2018.
  • We are presenting a programme which captures the works and the value of those that we deem to be already underway and those contractually committed to over the next three years.
  • €402.48m = total programme of works over the three years.
  • Housing work is largely funded through housing capital programme
  • Roads work is largely funded through national roads programme
  • Flooding is largely funded from the Department of the Environment and the OPW
  • The €34m to be spent on flooding includes the Skibbereen scheme which the County Council is running but not the Bandon scheme because that is being progressed directly by the OPW
  • Of the money to be spent on Environment, €49m of this related to Haulbowline remedial works.
  • There are €120m of works in this table that are not funded.
  • The programme is presented for information. It does not have to be approved by Council. Proposes that it should be presented in more detail in divisional meetings.

Cllr Hegarty (FG): Fleet replacement – thought we were leasing a lot of our fleet, not purchasing?

Cllr O’Laoghaire (SF): Public lighting commitment – how long are we contracted for this and who is the contract with?

Cllr MCGrath (FF): €442m over three years is a significant sum of money. Is concerned that so much of it is already committed. It doesn’t leave much wriggle room and other projects will arise over that time. The footpath programme is welcome. The public lighting is also welcome.

Cllr Creed (FG): Welcomes the listing of the Ballyvourney bypass.

Cllr O’Grady (SF): Welcomes this and the 3 year programme. Can‘t understand how we have managed to produce a 3 year programme when we could only produce an annual progamme before. Concerned about roads and housing strategy. On housing, is worried that our figures do not correlate with the Department’s planned figures for Cork. The Department’s target is 401 over 3 years. But we have only 43. How will the €80m from the Department be spent over this time? It is meant to be spent over 2015 – 2018. Voids are in limited supply. There are 229 voids listed here and that is nearly 50% of houses that were acquired during the year.

Cllr Murphy (FG): Extraordinary sum of money provided for.

Cllr Coleman (FF): Compare this to previous years please? What proprotion is coming from the Department?

Councillors expressed lots of worries expressed about lack of funding for roads in West Cork.

Cllr Carroll (FF): The Town Council in Skibbereen was taken over 2 years ago and at that time the refurbishment of the Town Hall was with the architects. It has not advanced since then. Irish Water says that the County Council has not yet handed over its assets to them.

Cllr Forde (FG): Compliments the executive. Difficult to divide up and to be fair. Wants more clarity on the €89.5 which may be progressed based on business need.


  • €1.2 m of the public lighting is our own programme. The remaining is a projected expenditure subject to matters being dealt with at national level. Ogoing work is being done at national level between the CCMA and various partners to see how we could replace light heads with LED. At the moemnt that programme is not funded. This projection is a guesstimate based on how much money we might be granted if the programme goes ahead.
  • Social housing: We have achieved our 2015 targets.
  • Coastal protection funding is subject to our getting funding from DAFM. That funding is shown as being noncommitted because the funding is not in place.
  • Irish Water – all assets of Cork County Council have been transferred legally to Irish Water. That is the case for all local authorities across the country. There is an ongoing process which will take time across every local authority to conclude that process on the ground. We held development contributions and debtors for water services on the transfer overdate and finalising this balancing statement has been going on for the last 15 months. Is expected to be complete within the next month. We had the biggest book of customers of any local authority.
  • An indicative figure has been included for the Carrigaline Relief Road. Again, there is no funding.




6.  Corporate Policy Group:
(a).          Approval of attendance by Council members at Conferences on the Conference List for January, 2016, approved by the Corporate Policy Group at their meeting on the 12th January, 2016.

Proposed and seconded.

(b).          Approval of the following contributions:-
Muintir na Tire – €10,000
Cork Camogie Club – €50,000
Cork Opera House – €25,000 per annum for next 5 years

We are not taking the Cork Opera House contribution today.

Contributions to Muintir na Tire and the Cork Camogie Club were approved and seconded.


7.  Ballincollig Carrigaline Municipal District:
“This Committee recommends that the Council would develop a policy concerning the safety of trees along public roads in each Municipal District.”

Cllr Canty (FG): This has come up at a lot of the Municipal Districgts over the last number of years. Many landowners do cut their hedges and hanging trees. But there are many who don’t. Bus Eireann have had to revert to single decker buses along certain roads. Artic trucks are going into rural areas and the hedges are tearing canvas sides. We’re asking that something positive is done. Not writing to people year in year out and expecting something to be done. Need a policy to make sure that landowners take care of their hedges.

Cllr McGrath (FF): This was my motion. Trees on public roads as an issue is raised with us regularly. We don’t have an adequate policy on this issue. Hopes to forward it to SPC. There is a responsibility on landowners obviously. Asks that the Council would take a more proactive approach in advising landowners of their responsibility. If that responsibility is not taken seriously, that the Council would then act again. Perhaps undertake a survey to inform on the health of trees, etc.

Cllr M Collins (Ind): Supports.

Cllr Forde (FG): The Department published a report on this and thinks this Departmental policy goes a long way to resolving the problems but it needs to be enforced at local level. If we are going to send it on to SPC, the Department should have an input into this policy. There is plenty of room for us to input into it at local authority level. The planning department has responsibility in relation to planning applications which allow certain species of trees not suitable for urban areas.

Cllr Conway (Ind): Agrees and points out that enforcement is too slow. We have to come up with a better system than the enforcement system that is there at the moment.

Cllr O’Keeffe (FF): It is time the CE took control of this issue. We need to have one policy document for maintenance of our roads. One document for the verge up to the tree. Is the SPC fit for purpose if it cannot do this? Knows the Area Engineer writes to landowners about their trees and generally gets a good response. We seem to have one policy in West Cork, one in North Cork, etc.

Cllr Keohane (SF): Speaks of overgrwoth at a junction. Overgrowth prohibits street lights from working.

Cllr Hayes (SF): This was discussed at the Roads and Transport SPC.   There were over 20 applications to the pilot hedgecutting scheme in West Cork. Legislation is there already to deal with overhanging limbs. Enforcement of the legislation is the issue. The Council is obliged to contact landowners and if they are not forthcoming in doing the work, the Council can cut down the limbs and charge the landowner. Give the landowners a chance to do what they are supposed to do.

Cllr Murphy (FG): Repeats what Cllr Hayes says. Maybe we could get a report from the Municipal District Area Offices as to whether there is a decision made to write to the landowners involved. Wants to know how many have been prosecuted who did not follow through.

Cllr N O’Donovan (FG): Cllr Hayes is right. Wonders if internally we could put an extra member of staff on enforcement. If we write to the landowner to cut the trees, the impetus is on us to prove that tree is a danger. Area Engineers have enough to be doing. Is a serious issue alright.

Cllr Canty (FG): Is the embargo in relation to the chainsaw still in place? Does a subcontractor have to work for the Area Office? Any way we can alleviate that problem?

CE: The intention of the motion was to have it referred to the Transport SPC. Landowners know what their responsibilities are. Area Engineers have been active in writing to landowners. Clearly follow up takes time. The issue is resourcing enforcement. We will do what we can with existing resources. Will ask each Area Engineer to brief the Municipal District Committees on their activity in this area.




8.  Consideration of the Chief Executive’s Report on Submissions Received to the Proposed Amendment No. 4 to Carrigaline E.A. Local Area Plan 2011 – Shannonpark Framework Masterplan.

It was agreed at the Development Committee on 15th January, 2016 that the following recommendation to make minor amendments to the Proposed Amendment would be made to the meeting of the full Council to be held on 25th January.

  • Remove the indicative connectivity arrows between the proposed new development and Herons Wood housing estate on the map. (N.B.: This would not affect the red arrow across the R611 and the proposed greenway at U-13.)
  • In paragraph 1.4.38, delete the second sentence of the bullet point as follows:- “It is critical that the layout and design of this area allows for connectivity with the existing Herons Wood housing estate to the south”
  • The proposals made in the Chief Executive’s Report to insert an additional bullet point in 1.4.26 will not be pursued.
  • Insert additional text in paragraph 1.3.4: “The masterplan proposals have been included in this Electoral Area Local Area Plan by amendment in order to accelerate the delivery of much needed new housing. The review of the EALAP’s and the preparation of the new plan for the Municipal District presents an opportunity, in consultation with the public, for the County Council to refine the detail of the proposed development.”

Cllr McGrath (FF): This is a major proposal for Carrigaline. The discussions already held are welcome. The town is facing major challenges in terms of infrastructure, etc. It is a very important masterplan and something we should get right. Outlines the two main issues (connectivity and linking to the N28 upgrade). The executive has listened carefully to our concerns about connectivity and has moved successfully to allay fears. Is also concerned about the lack of a link between the N28 upgrade and the development. The executive and himself don’t agree on this. I don’t say the development shouldn’t start, but do believe say that linking must happen at some stage. As of this morning, was still undecided on this issue. Wants to be able to send out a positive message that Carrigaline is a positive town in terms of development. Knows we are in a housing crisis. Wants to weigh it up against the fact that Carrigaline has been left down. We have no certainty on the N28. Appreciates the executive has moved on the public’s concerns in relation to the Masterplan. Welcomes the new wording to include a reference to the Local Area Plan. Sent an email on Thursday to the executive suggesting additional 3 words on the end of that: “including infrastructural requirements”. Thinks that would send the message that we are prepared to look at the infrastructural issue in the LAP.

Cllr D’Alton (Ind): Appreciate also the litany of discussions we have had in relation to this issue. Not just those in front of the full Chamber but also at Municipal District meeting every step of the way. My particular concern is not the linking of the development with the N28 but its linking with Carrigaline. Carrigaline is a great town. It has grown massively in size, particularly in the last 15 years. It is a lovely place to live with some super community facilities. But Carrigaline now has a population of over 15,000 people. The town is so congested with traffic. This is nothing new. The problem was recognised back in 2007 when the Carrigaline Area Transportation Study was drawn up to try to resolve the problem. Some of its recommendations were that there would be an inner Western relief road, an outer Western relief road, a town centre strategy incorporating a pedestrian-friendly main street, horizontal traffic calming measures and gateways from side streets to the main street. There would be three table top ramps across pedestrian crossings on the Main Street delivering a total of seven pedestrian crossings on the main street. A comprehensive Cycle Network Plan was to be drawn up for the town. Off street parking was to be developed to encourage park and walk. The first hint of the recommended Park and Ride facility would in the new Shannonpark development. And there was to be a feasibility study done on a figure of eight town bus service which surveys showed would be popular. Virtually none of these recommendations has been delivered. To be fair, it is not in the County Council’s gift to deliver many of these. Dedicated funding from government is needed. But that hasn’t come. Of course we need houses. We are in the middle of a national housing emergency. But the County Council is expected to pick up the tab for that. Just as the residents of Carrigaline are expected to pick up the tab for the traffic impact of yet 1,000 more houses – that is at least 2,000 more residents. It is just not fair on the existing residents of Carrigaline. It is not fair on people generally that they should have to continually pick up the tab for government failure to invest. And it is not fair on future residents of the Shannonpark development who, because of traffic congestion, will be so removed from the town of Carrigaline that they may struggle to become part of the Carrigaline community. So I too had not made up my mind by this morning how to vote on this.

Cllr O’Laoghaire (SF): Believes not enough has been done towards committing to social housing in the development. Doesn’t hold the view of the executive in terms of social housing. Doesn’t think we should be restricted to Part V. Issues of connectivity were taken on board by the residents. The issue of infrastructure remains very significant. We spoke recently of a new transport plan for the town. Traffic is the highest issue on the agenda in the town and the biggest influence on quality of life. Thinks N28 is crucial to Carrigaline. Has serious concerns about going any further than Phase 1 without the N28 in place. Also pointed to the need for the western relief road. There is a significant housing crisis. A large part of me is keen to support a well planned Masterplan. Other councillors have expressed reservations about the Masterplan approach but it is a step away from the developer led approach which characterised house building in the past.

Cllr Collins (FG): I proposed a new upgraded and updated transportation plan for Carrigaline at our last Municipal District meeting. The relief road isn’t going to happen. It was primarily developer-led and the Council was backed into a corner to agree with it. Doesn’t think it is in the right place. Shannonpark is a phased development over 10 years. There will not be 1,000 houses or 2,000 cars immediately. Doesn’t agree that the dearth of infrastructural development in Carrigaline was the cause of the government. In the last 15 years Carrigaline did take off but linking the proposed development with the N28 is not an issue. The developer in question is prepared to construct a slip road. Has no issue with Cllr McGrath’s three words at the end if it will move on this Masterplan. We do need infrastructural development. Much is stitched into the greater plan for the development.

Cllr Forde (FG): Seconds Cllr Collins’ proposals. Masterplans were never meant to fall on one issue. The major issue in Carrigaline when she spoke to the people was connectivity. Glad that the executive has acceeded to our request. The Masterplan is in phases. We all know there are people sleeping on the streets. We know there are people homeless. Quality of life is first and foremost a roof over our heads. The Masterplan will go a long way towards providing much needed housing stock. The Masterplan should not fall on a single issue. But this Masterplan has been in gestation for so long, the crunch comes now. Lets not parry any more. We can through other mechanisms sort out the kinks we have with other issues. The people of Carrigaline are so resilient. We come to meet them half way. This is not a political issue.

CE: The Masterplan has come a significant way. Concerns raised here this morning are infrastructrure generally in Carrigaline and the N28. We have a Local Area Plan process in which matters such as these are dealt with. The Masterplan underpinned by extensive traffic modelling. It will allow for development on a phased basis. Has no problem with the extra three words. The traffic modelling indicates that the N28 is not required for the development to proceed.

Inclusion of the three words was formally proposed and seconded.

Cllr D’Alton (Ind): But what good is including an intention to deliver infrastructure in the new Local Area Plan? That intention is already there in the existing Local Area Plan drawn up in 2011. It says that one of the challenges for Carrigaline is “rebalancing Carrigaline town centre to include better traffic management, car park provision, pedestrian access and general improvements to the public realm”. A commitment in the Local Area Plan does not mean the infrastructure is going to be delivered.

The Mayor shut down the discussion, saying that the Masterplan was passed.


9.  National Road Grant Allocations 2016.

Letter from the CE regarding funding for non-national roads: Roads damage from adverse weather

Director of Roads: Funding from TII is down on last year. The main reason is because the only allocation for pavement works is that in Lissarda. TII says they are currently reviewing the pavement programme and what funding is available. They say they will be able to notify us in the near future. They speak of priorities. Last August they asked us to advance the design of 8 or 9 different schemes. They will tell us what the most urgent needs and priorities of these are.

Cllr Creed (FG): This is a massive cut in funding. The original programme we got was from 2013 – 2016. Money has been allocated to Cork County Council but has redistributed to other roads. The survey on these roads was done in 2012. The standard of the roads in Macroom-Blarney are in an appalling state. To do this to us and to expect the people to suffer huge consequences. Our area is not hugely populated, but has long lengths of roads. Totally unacceptable for this to happen year after year after year.

Cllr N O’Donovan (FG): Disappointed to see the reduction but understands from the Director of Services that the full grant hasn’t been announced yet. The Leap section along the N71 is the only oustanding stretch left along this road. What is the priority here? Spoke of a dangerous stretch of road in West Cork.

Cllr C O’Sullivan (FF): Disgust that there is no funding again for the N71. People of West Cork are left emptyhanded when it comes to this year after year. It is the main artery into West Cork. We rely on it for tourism, for investors and there is the safety aspect of it.

More members spoke about the N71. Cllr O’Flynn’s motion on the Mallow Relief Road was taken:

“That Cork County Council immediately call on the Minister for Transport and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to make the necessary finding available to ensure that the much needed Mallow Relief Road can commence as was promised by the Minister in November 2015.

Cllr O’Flynn (FF) spoke about the dire need for the bypass and wants a consulting engineer to be assigned to draw this up to design this as a matter of urgency.

Cllr T Collins (Ind): Spoke in support. You’d have to be around Mallow to realise how bad it is. As a former haulage contractor, drove into that town before.

Lots of members spoke in support of the motion.

Cllr O’Flynn (FF): If you’re going to cut back funding for roads in rural areas – we have spoken about increasing milk production, etc – basic core of our work is maintaining a good road network.

CE spoke on distribution of grants for non-national roads:

  • Allocating funding based on the condition of the road is the only way to do this.
  • In 2013 when we were allocating funding, it was based on the condition of the roads then. That basis for the distribution of the money is now out of date.
  • It is true that some areas have benefited more than others, even though those areas may have had better road surfaces.
  • We have better information now which classifies the road condition. If we don’t redistribute based on our current knowledge, we could undermind our current level of funding from the Department. They may say we are not using the best information available. Value for money would be called into question.
  • East Cork is the area is suffering most from this reallocation. Perhap we could transition the allocation in over the 3 year life of the programme?

The Director of Roads said that TII asked us to prepare designs on 10 pavement schemes on natioanl roads last August. We are progressing these.

It was agreed that we would write to the Minister objecting to his leaving the Mallow bypass out of the funding for this year.

Cllr O’Grady (SF) proposes that the survey on non-national roads is undertaken again. We need a new survey.

Cllr Conway (Ind) seconds that, especially for Blarney-Macroom.

The Department’s requirements for surveying are that:
Regional roads are to be surveyed every year
Local primary roads are to be surveyed every 2nd year
Local secondary are to be surveyed ever other year
Local tertiary are to be surveyed every 5 years

It was agreed that the programme transition period would be spread over 3 years, not one.


Suspension of Standing Orders:

Cllr Hegarty (FG): Meeting at Waterrock Golf Club on recent flooding. Concerns are about where water is currently discharging from Waterrock. A local resident put in some dye. Tried it on high, medium and low water levels and no dye appeared where it usually discharged. There is quarrying at John A Wood. Water used to be pumped there in the old days. There is a culvert under the Railway line that was closed by Irish Rail a few years back. This used to be a discharge point for surface waters. Residents called for some form of stormwater drainage system to be put in.

Cllr Barry (FG): The problem is not the Masterplan site itself, but the effect the extra surface water and capacity of the gullies would have on existing residents in the area.

Cllr O’Keeffe (FF): Maybe we should extend the remit of the consultants (Arup) to examine Midleton town. Going forward here, what contingency plans can we have for this time next year if flooding comes about again. We must have something in place.

Cllr McCarthy (FG): Drainage of the roads there is very important. Dye was put into the caves. Three tests were done. No dye appeared on the other side of the N25 by the wastewater treatment plant like it should. Residents mentioned closing of the culvert by Irish Rail. We need to talk to Irish Rail about this.

CE suggests that we would ask the OPW to include the Waterrock Area in the Midleton Flood Relief Scheme.

Suspension of standing orders continued on the proposal Cllr O’Flynn (FF) to discuss the water outage on Saturday in Fermoy main street. Dreadfully difficult on the traders. No information coming from Irish Water. Members agreed generally that notification from Irish Water on water supply issues generally amounted to a tweet on Twitter and that is simply not good enough.


At 2.45 pm, the meeting was suspended with other items deferred until the next Council meeting.




10.  Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government:

  • Letter dated 4th January, 2016, in response to Council’s letter of 10th December, 2015, regarding decisions by An Bord Pleanála.
  • Letter dated 19th January, 2016, in response to Council’s letter of 16th September, 2015, regarding legislation governing the rental market.

11.  Department of Justice & Equality:

Letter dated 5th January, 2016, in response to Council’s letter of 16th December, 2015, regarding promotion of gambling.


[h]           NOTICES OF MOTION

12.  Councillor Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire:
That this Council requests that Transport Infrastructure Ireland come before the Council, to outline the Demand Management Study currently being undertaken by them on the N40, and to respond to reports recently following their meeting a committee of Cork City Council, that TII is considering tolling the road, and to discuss related matters.”

[Deferred from Council Meeting on the 11/1/16]

13.  Councillor Kevin Murphy:
“That Cork County Council seeks an immediate meeting with the Minister Kelly, Minister for the Environment and Local Government and Minister Coffey, Minister for State, to address the serious anomaly that has arisen in regard to the limits on County Council’s House Purchase and City House Purchase Scheme.”

[Deferred from Council Meeting on the 11/1/16]

14.  Councillor Noel Collins:
“That this Council call on the Minister for Justice, Equality & Law Reform to consider an early change in the Inheritance Tax Laws.”

[Deferred from Council Meeting on the 11/1/16]

15.  Councillor Aindrias Moynihan:
That Cork County Council calls on the Minister for Social Protection to end the age discriminatory way the contributory pension levels are being calculated.”

[Deferred from Council Meeting on the 11/1/16]

16.  Councillor Susan McCarthy:
“Following the devastation experienced by communities across our County wreaked by storm Frank on properties, businesses and residences, as well as extreme damage to our roads network, I would like to commend Cork County Council on its response, considering the unprecedented levels of damage caused. Notwithstanding these efforts, in anticipation of further events of such an extreme nature, that

a.) Council facilitate the setting up of a designated taskforce for each Municipal District, with a dedicated two-way channel of communication for Elected Members, and

b.) A direct phone line be made available to elected members in the event of such crises, with a facility for reply on reported events in order for members to more effectively feedback information to the public.”


17.  Councillor Des O’Grady:
“To request a written report on recent flooding of areas zoned for housing in the Metropolitan Area. The report to focus on the residential Masterplan sites and other areas zoned for housing (outside of once off housing) in the relevant Local Area Plans.  The report to contain information on the extent of any recent flooding that took place in these zoned areas outside of those sections previously designated as ‘susceptible to flooding’ on the 2011 Local Area Maps.”


18.  Councillor Michael Collins:
“I call on the Minister for Health to immediately publish the Capacity Review Report on our Ambulance service. Morale is at an all time low with Ambulance staff and it is high time that they are treated with some respect similar to other Emergency services in Cork County.

I call on my fellow Councillors to call on this Government for an immediate review of Ambulance staff pay and conditions to reflect the pressure these people work under.”


19.  Councillor Frank O’Flynn:
“That Cork County Council immediately call on the Minister for Transport and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to make the necessary finding available to ensure that the much needed Mallow Relief Road can commence as was promised by the Minister in November 2015.





  1. ESB:  Letter dated 11th January, 2016, in response to Council’s letter of 16th December, 2015, regarding the introduction of fees for electric vehicles.


  1. Irish Water:  Letter dated 11th January, 2016, regarding the Bandon Water Main and Sewer Network Project Update.





Notes from a meeting of the Municipal District Committee, 15th June 2015

1.               Confirmation of Minutes
(i)  To consider the confirmation and signing of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 18th May 2015.

(ii) To consider the confirmation and signing of the Minutes of the Special Meeting held on 25th May 2015.

Cllr D’Alton (Ind):  Requests amendment in relation to her convent motion of last week.  The Council identified the property as dangerous and has written to the company’s receivers to ask permission with a view to gaining voluntary access to the property in order to examine it.

MDO:  It hasn’t been defined as dangerous because we need to get on site to do the examination first.  But the rest will be noted. Continue reading Notes from a meeting of the Municipal District Committee, 15th June 2015

Leaflet delivery


On behalf of Marcia I would like to let you know that we have had a difficulty with our leaflet delivery company.

A specialised leaflet delivery company was employed to deliver the leaflets to everyone in the Ballincollig/Carrigaline ward.  Sadly, it would appear that very many people did not receive their leaflet and the company have not been able to pinpoint exactly where the leaflets were delivered.

Between Marcia’s volunteer helpers and myself we are distributing leaflets as fast as we can so that you may read them before the election.

I would like to apologise to anyone who receives the same leaflet twice. It was not our intention to have this happen.  I also had reports of leaflets being delivered out of the ward – I have been told that this has only happened in a small number of cases but I not confident that this is true.

If you haven’t received print literature and would like some, please email me at the above address and I will organise a delivery for you.

Marcia’s husband and poster hanger!


Update on meeting of Passage West Town Council with Cork County Council Area Engineer

  • Request that the barriers around the Centre Block would be moved in for the Easter weekend. The Area Engineer said that she would speak to the contractors.
  • The slip at Toureen/Patrick Murphy Park is dangerous. The hand rail is corroded. The Town Council will be requested to pay for a new one at a cost of €200. It will be fabricated locally.
  • The picnic tables to be erected in Patrick Murphy Park/Toureen will be:

o Between the seats in Patrick Murphy Park

o Opposite Derek O’Brien’s

o Opposite the Tavern

  • Request that the concrete plinths under the tables would be made flush with the grass, firstly to facilitate wheelchair access and secondly, to facilitate neat grasscutting.
  •  Sods in the old church need to be taken away. The Area Engineer said that she would look after this.
  •  The Festival Committee wants a plaque erected in Fr. O’Flynn Park in time for the festival and is seeking the assistance of the Area Office in this regard. The Area Engineer said the timescale was short but that she would do her best.
  •  The 10k Road Race is next week. The Area Engineer said that the contractors used by the Area Office for grasscutting had started their work in Monkstown today and so the grass should be complete in time for the Road Race.
  • Request that the road sweeper should make a visit to the town in advance of the Road Race. Also that notice should be given of its coming so that footpaths could be swept onto the road for debris to be picked up by the road sweeper. In particular there is much gravel on the road around the area where the Road Race is to finish. Noted that visits from the road sweeper were far more frequent before Christmas 2013. The Area Engineer said that she would try to get the road sweeper.
  •  There is a water hydrant cover missing on Church Hill adjacent to the Eircom building. This is dangerous.
  • Request that the Area Office might place boulders on the edges of the grass at Toureen on a temporary basis to stop cars from using the grass as a parking space.
  • Request that the Area Office might donate some tar to fill potholes in the car park at the GAA Club in advance of the Road Race. If the tar is donated, the Club will look after the filling of the holes.
  • Concerned that the County Council operatives who empty bins, etc. in Passage West will be operating throughout a larger area and without additional staff. Concerned that Passage West might not get the same attention it has been getting to date, particularly with regard to emptying of the Water Tower and emptying of the litter bins. The Area Engineer said that the operatives have been operating that larger area since Christmas. The best service possible will be provided.
  • Observed that litter bins are not always emptied in advance of weekends. This causes great mess in the town and negates the litterpicking work the Tidy Towns does during the week. Request that the Tidy Towns would be given a key for the litterbins such that they are not emptied by Friday, the Tidy Towns would be able to empty them and put the bags in the water tower for subsequent collection by Cork County Council. The Area Engineer agreed that this would likely be possible and that she would look into it.
  • Request that the two litterbins with broken locks would have those locks replaced.
  • Acknowledgement that the Area Office has previously requested that voluntary effort would not be used to clean the LHS of the R610 from Passage West to Rochestown. Request that the Area Office should clear this side of the road of litter. It is intended that the all-community clean-up on 23rd April in advance of the Road Race will look after the cleaning of the footpath on the RHS. The Area Engineer reiterated that cleaning the LHS of the road is a very dangerous job and one which she could not condone the local community doing. She said cleaning of roadsides subject to dumping is a task regularly requested of the Area Office. They know it is necessary but simply do not have the resources. She will ask the operatives to be aware of it and to do the best they can but is not hopeful it can be tackled.
  • Request that the footpath from Pembroke Wood across the R610 to the Rockenham side should be dished. Appreciation of the works done crossing at the bottom of Rockenham, but there are 400-odd houses in Pembroke Wood and dishing should also have been carried out to facilitate those residents. The Area Engineer agreed and said that she would investigate further.
  • Request that the footpath up the Glen in Monkstown should be fixed and widened to facilitate the elderly. The Area Engineer said that she was aware this was necessary and would follow it up.
  • The Tidy Towns has done a survey of signage throughout the town. Request that if they send a list of redundant and damaged signage to the Area Office that these might be removed or addressed as appropriate. The Area Engineer agreed that this would be fine.
  • Request for advice and assistance with regard to rehabilitation works the Tidy Towns hopes to undertake at Steampacket Quay/Penny’s Dock. The anticipated works were costed in accordance with a quote received from a recommended contractor. However the contractor omitted one essential element of the intended job in the quotation and so the project is now undercosted. Despite best efforts, no cheaper quotation can be got and so the Tidy Towns is short of funds. The Area Engineer acknowledged that the project is worthwhile and the Area Office can offer limited assistance with regard to making up the shortfall. The Town Council also offered an increase in its already-promised financial contribution to the project to assist with the shortfall.

April update PWTC…

Some updates from the April meeting of Passage West Town Council

Signalisation of the Shannonpark Roundabout

The County Manager still has not decided whether to take the signalisation of the Shannonpark roundabout to full Council.  The Area Committee voted against the proposal to signalise the roundabout.  If the Manager does proceed to take it to full Council, it will be an almost unprecedented step that he should step over the opinions of the elected councillors in the area.

Passage West – Carrigaline Greenway

It is still hoped that the Greenway will go to Part 8 planning.  This will give the public opportunity to comment on its extension from Passage West through Monkstown, Raffeen and up to the N28.  The SECAD funding which was hoped to advance the project has not been secured.  Funding is now being sought from national cyclepaths funding.

Lower Harbour Sewerage Scheme

The consultants for the Lower Harbour Sewerage Scheme, Nicholas Dwyer, have committed to a series of public meetings prior to advancing for planning permission for the various pumping stations associated with the scheme.  The public meeting for Passage West/Glenbrook/Monkstown will be held in Passage West.  The date and venue is yet to be confirmed.

Public lighting at Buncoille

The Town Council is going to fund the erection of a public light at Buncoille.  The light will be double headed, one facing towards Hayes Boreen and the other facing the R610.  It will be mounted on an existing pole in the grass patch in front of the lime kiln.

A light at this location has been awaited a long time.  Unfortunately the cost of funding street lighting from Buncoille to Murph’s Pub is simply beyond that which the Town Council can achieve.  But they are pleased to at least help residents and safety by providing this light at Buncoille.

Future of Town Hall

The benefits of the Town Hall are well recognised.  Its size makes it ideal for a meeting room for smaller groups.  When the Town Council is abolished at the end of May, the building will revert to the ownership of Cork County Council.

The Town Council regrets seeing this meeting room lost to the people of the town.  So for the present, it is planned that a lease arrangement will be made between the County Council and the Tidy Towns group such that the Tidy Towns group will hold the key for the Town Hall.  Although the County Council will insure and maintain it, the Tidy Towns will pay for electricity and heating and an annual rent for the lease.  This will facilitate the availability of the Town Hall for all smaller groups in the town wishing to use it for meetings.

Other points of note

  • The Town Council will arrange the plastering and painting on the walls of the Town Hall car park and the library car park.  They are in very poor condition at present.
  • The Town Council gave permission to the Tidy Towns group to put water butts on the downpipes of the Town Hall.
  • There will be a community clean up day on 23rd April to prepare the route of the Road Race for the Race on the 25th April.  The clean up will be held at 7pm and everybody is asked to give what time they can.
  •  A majority of the members of the Town Council agreed to write to the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine in support of the Foreshore Licence application by Monkstown Bay Marina Ltd. for the 285 berth marina to which planning permission was granted by An Bord Pleanala in 2010.
  • At present Passage West/Monkstown is twinned with Chasseneuil du Poitou in the Vienne region of western France.  There is a concern that the twinning may die when the Town Council is abolished.  Should anybody be interested in promoting the twinning of our towns into the future, please contact any member of the Town Council or the Town Clerk at niall.okeeffe(@)

The proposed MUGA/table tennis for the Marmullane Tennis Club site is waiting for Sports Capital funding.  It is presumed that a decision will not issue from the Department of Transport until the end of May.

The Painting Scheme will be finishing up early this year.  This may be one of the reasons that the number of applicants to the scheme is very much lower than it was last year.  If anyone is interested in applying for the scheme, please contact any member of the Town Council or the Town Clerk at niall.okeeffe(@)